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 Video Demo: Hybrid Cloud Integrations using Oracle SOA Suite

This post shows how it is possible to implement SaaS API "connectivity" in minutes! We will go through a step-by-step approach using Oracle SOA Suite 11g, and integrate with the Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service as an example, demonstrating the ease with which you can incorporate cloud applications in your overall enterprise integration architecture, today. Apr-2012

 SOA Suite 11g Database Performance Tuning White Paper

This Fusion Middleware 11g white paper discusses performance problems that could arise commonly in a SOA Suite database and also gives recommendations on how to resolve those performance problems. These recommendations are for SOA Suite 11g running under Oracle database release and above. The SOA database can be hosted in a non- RAC configuration and RAC configuration. Feb-2012

 SOA Suite Unit Testing: Slides / Recording

Olivier LeDiouris from the Oracle SOA A-Team showed different ways to test SOA composites. This includes "regular" service testing, but also testing of specific components like rules dictionaries, human workflow, business event raising, testing of an async-one-way service (by fetching the audit trail in the SOA repository), etc.

Please also check out the following projects:

 Cloud Integration White Paper

The paper includes three technical examples of cloud integration with Oracle Fusion Applications, Saleforce, and Workday and follows with the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to also include service aggregation, service virtualization, cloud security considerations and the benefit of maintaining a unified approach to monitoring and management despite an increasingly distributed hybrid infrastructure. Nov-2012

 New OTN ArchBeat podcast featuring 2012 Service Technology Symposium speakers Thomas Erl, Tim Hall and Demed L’Her has just been published.

Listen to their discussion about Service Technology, IT architecture and the Prentice Hall Service Technology Book Series! Tune into the first 3 parts here. Aug-2012

 Using Cloud OER to Find Fusion Applications On-Premise Service Concrete WSDL URL

In his latest blog post, Rajesh Raheja explains how on-premise customers without a dedicated OER can find a concrete service WSDL URL for their specific environment using the cloud hosted OER instance. Aug-2012

 Five Frequently Asked Questions About EXTERNAL Web Services in Fusion Applications

If you're interested to find the answers to these questions (and find out what the questions are), plesae visit Rajesh Raheja's blog on Enterprise Software Development: Five Frequently Asked Questions About EXTERNAL Web Services in Fusion Applications Aug-2012

 Handling Binary Content and Large Documents in Oracle SOA Suite 11g (ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2012)

A technical deep dive into best practices, tips, and techniques around exchanging binary content and large-sized documents between your Applications and end systems via SOA Suite or OSB. Understand and compare features and approaches available for large document/binary content handling in different SOA Suite components (BPEL, Mediator etc) and the Service Bus well enough to make informed decisions in your Projects. This session also examines the impact on Performance and Capacity Planning. Jul-2012

 SOA Suite Performance Tuning Resources

Documentation, Presentations, White Papers, Blogs. May-2012

 Oracle Enterprise Gateway: Integration with Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Web Services Manager

Providing a secure environment for your Web Services. Mar-2012

 SOA Suite 11g Purging Guide

We now have a single source of truth concerning Purging in My Oracle Support. Please check out this blog post for details. Mar-2012

 Making the Most of the Oracle Enterprise Repository for Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications provides various ways to integrate its functional capabilities with other Oracle applications as well as third party and legacy applications. This paper provides an overview of discovering the artifacts used for such integrations and for use in implementations in general. It focuses on the use of the Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER) for Oracle Fusion Applications as a one-stop shop for discovering and governing Oracle Fusion Applications design time metadata. Mar-2012

 Unit Testing Asynchronous BPEL Processes Using soapUI

Thanks to its support for Mocking and WS-Addressing, soapUI can be used to test asynchronous BPEL processes. Daniel Amadei shows you how.. Feb-2012

 Installing a Basic two-node WebLogic Cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack

This page includes a list of User Productivity Kits (UPK) to serve as a starting point to introduce the concepts and showcase a two-node WebLogic cluster running Oracle SOA Suite and Foundation Pack. Feb-2012

 SOA 11G Database Growth Management Strategy

This whitepaper has been written to highlight the need to implement an appropriate strategy to manage the growth the of SOA 11g database. The advice presented should facilitate better dialog between SOA and Database administrators when planning database and host requirements. Feb-2012

 Start Small, Grow Fast

Edwin Biemond, Ronald van Luttikhuizen, and Demed L'Her describe a set of pragmatic best practices for deploying a simple and sound SOA footprint that can grow with business demand. Jan-2012

 Quick Start Guide for Oracle SOA Suite

This updated quick start guide includes an introduction to Oracle SOA Suite, detailed download, install and configuration instructions for Windows, links and other useful information Aug-2011

 Tuning Your SOA Infrastructure for Performance and Scalability

Performance Tuning session from ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2011. July-2011

 Monitoring, Administering, and Troubleshooting Oracle SOA Suite & ADF

Monitoring session from ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2011. July-2011

 Caching Strategies for Oracle Service Bus 11g

The right caching strategy can make a big difference in application performance. Jul-2011

 Purging strategies in Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1 PS3

This set of slides describes the various purging strategies now available in Oracle SOA Suite: from the graphical tools in Enterprise Manager, to PL/SQL scripts (looped purge and parallel purge) and database partitioning. This slide deck is a work in progress, so please watch this space for updates. May-2011

 Oracle BPEL 10g Purging Strategies

This white paper provides the tools and an approach required to assist SOA administrators in choosing an optimal purging strategy and tool sets to best manage dehydration store requirements in BPEL 10g Nov-2010

 Configure a SOAScheduler for a composite in SOA Suite 11g

A step-by-step guide how to set up a scheduler for a SOA Suite 11gR1 composite and an extra credit chapter on how to set up a business calendar Nov-2010

 Slides from the Performance / Tuning session at OpenWorld 2010, Session ID S317749

If you want to listen to the recording, go to OpenWorld, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop On Demand, search for our session S317749 and download the MP3 with the voice  Oct-2010

 Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Disaster Recovery Solution Using HP Blade Servers and HP EVA Storage

This document describes how disaster recovery can be achieved for an Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g environment on HP StorageWorks EVA storage using its replication data functionality, the HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA.  Jul-2010

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