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The list below only includes SOA presentations delivered or moderated by Oracle SOA Product Management. For a complete list of Oracle Open World 2011 presentations, please go here.

 S15463: Oracle SOA Suite, the leading and most capable integration stack
Oracle has assembled through internal development and acquisitions the most comprehensive and capable integration stack, as recognized by analysts and massive adoption by 1,000's of customers around the world. Oracle SOA Suite is the first truly integrated stack that can support in a cohesive fashion all types of projects from point-to-point ERP integration, B2B connectivity or more ambitious shared services and SOA projects. In this session we provided an overview of the software, an update on the 11g release and an overview of the directions of the product. In addition, we had a look at some very large projects supported by Oracle SOA Suite and the benefits to be derived by embracing this integrated stack.

 S15580: Implementing Successful Integration and SOA with Oracle SOA Suite
Learn directly from existing users how they have leveraged Oracle SOA Suite to successfully deliver new integration or service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects in their companies. We discussed best practices, common pitfalls and how to measure success and ROI.

 S20840: Ensuring Success in the Cloud with Shared Services and Application Integration
Without an effective SOA strategy, transitioning from an on-premise application infrastructure into a hybrid Cloud model introduces the potential for increased complexity and cost as a result of services scattered across the extended enterprise. In this session you learned how Oracle SOA Suite provides the ideal platform for simplifying and lowering costs through an integrated approach to on-premise and public Cloud computing. Customer case studies were also shared to highlight these features in real world scenarios.

 S15462: Large scale, high volume business to business integration using Oracle B2B
Business to business integration is seeing a resurgence and B2B has become a top priority for CIO's and IT leaders. Ongoing improvements in network infrastructure, security, and reliability are making the adoption of B2B easier. Customers using the B2B component of Oracle SOA Suite have seen remarkable successes in deploying B2B solutions to achieve lower costs and higher business value. This presentation started with an overview of Oracle B2B and transition to a customer case study focusing on how Oracle B2B is solving some of the challenges that exist in large scale, high performance B2B deployments. The session also included a demo of the product and covered the roadmap briefly.

 S30960: Migrating Java CAPS Applications from Sun SeeBeyond to Oracle SOA Suite
Users of Sun SeeBeyond Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS) are actively considering the option of migrating to a strategic Oracle SOA Suite platform. This session delved into the strategies and migration best practices for taking up such projects and various technical and business factors that need to be considered. It discusses architecture, migration techniques, and pitfalls to avoid. the gola was, that by the end of the session, the attendees had a clear understanding of various migration options and details of interoperability certification for the coexistence of Sun SeeBeyond Java CAPS and Oracle SOA Suite environments.

 S14081: Healthcare Integration Capabilities with Oracle Fusion Middleware
Oracle Fusion Middleware provides an industry-proven platform for healthcare message integration. This session discussed in detail, with a live demonstration, how components of Oracle SOA Suite can be deployed to satisfy the needs of healthcare customers.

 S15583: Building a Shared-Services Infrastructure with Oracle Service Bus
This session demonstrated how enterprise customers are successfully building, scaling, and managing shared-services infrastructures with Oracle Service Bus as a key component. Enterprise architects discussed best practices to illustrate how they have implemented shared services to help their business become more agile. Shared services are recognized as a prerequisite to an effective cloud strategy.

 S15785: Advanced Administration and Management of Oracle SOA Suite 11g
Master Oracle SOA Suite 11g administration by understanding the internal architecture of the platform. Learn best practices related to configuration management, high availability, performance tuning, fault handling and general monitoring of Oracle SOA Suite 11g from subject matter experts. Understand how the various management tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle SOA Management Pack Enterprise Edition and JVM consoles can be successfully leveraged in this context.

 S15701: Event Driven Patterns and Best Practices
As Event Driven Solutions evolve now towards maturity, customers across all industries are defining common implementation patterns for success. This session showcases real world customer case studies, a peek at future technology strategies including Oracle Sensor device integration, and reveals the unique, vast array of capabilities available with the Oracle Complex Event Processing integration platform. .

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