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These are only a selected few out of numerous valuable blog posts published by our partners and Oracle field!

 Lucas Jellema: Emulate Cross Service Joins in SOA Suite with Table Functions and Database Adapter Jun-2013

 Lucas Jellema: Oracle SOA Suite 11g PS 5 introduces BPEL with conditional correlation for aggregation scenarios Nov-2012

 Rajesh Raheja: Integrating with Oracle Fusion Applications: Discovering Integration Artifacts Mar-2012

 Edwin Biemond: Processing EDIFACT documents in Oracle B2B Mar-2012

 Edwin Biemond: Handling Custom XML documents in Oracle B2B Mar-2012

 Lucas Jellema: First steps with Java Embedding in Oracle SOA Suite 11g BPEL 2.0 – useful API calls Jan-2012

Oracle Service Bus integration with Oracle Financials for message transformations Jan-2012

 Lucas Jellema: SOA Suite File Adapter Pre and Post processing using Valves and Pipelines Oct-2011

 Edwin Biemond: Working with the Human WorkList api and create your own WorkList application Oct-2011

 Antony Reynolds and Andrew Gregory: Mapping the Java World Part I: How to Customise Java/XML Mapping in SOA Suite Part I: Setting Up EclipseLink MOXy Sep-2011

 Antony Reynolds: Coping with Failure: Handling Endpoint Failure in OSB Sep-2011

 Eric Elzinga: Oracle Service Bus, processing Java Object Messages with JMS transport Sep-2011

 Jyothi Swaroop: Monitoring SOA Infrastructure Components Using Enterprise Manager Grid Control - Demo Sep-2011

 Edwin Biemond: Using the EJB adapter in SOA Suite 11g Sep-2011

 Edwin Biemond: Do SAML with OWSM and SOA Suite Aug-2011

 Arun Pareek: Schematron Validation in Oracle BPEL using Custom XPath Function Aug-2011

 Eric Elzinga: Oracle Service Bus, Implementing Aggregator pattern by use of Split-Join  Jul-2011

 Lucas Jellema: Choosing the best way for SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus to interact with the Oracle Database Jul-2011

 Eric Elzinga: Oracle Service Bus, how to verify Result Caching is active Jun-2011

 Maxence Button: How to define a partnerLink endpoint from an externally defined configuration ? Jun-2011

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