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The rapid adoption of cloud-based applications by the enterprise, combined with organizations’ desire to integrate applications with mobile technologies, is dramatically increasing application integration complexity. Oracle SOA Suite 12c, the latest version of the industry’s most complete and unified application integration and SOA solution, meets this challenge. With simplified cloud, mobile, on-premises and Internet of Things (IoT) integration capabilities, all within a single platform, Oracle SOA Suite 12c delivers faster time to integration, increased productivity and lower TCO. 

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Updates & News

Oracle announces the release of SOA Suite, Business Process Management Suite,
Real-Time Integration Business Insight, Stream Analytics and Managed File Transfer

This new release includes bug fixes as well as new features including:

New Cloud Adapters for Oracle and 3rd-party applications
Operational Enhancements
BAM and Real-Time Integration Business Insight Enhancements
Major expansion of MFT functionality


For a list of new features in this release, please check the list of new features in SOA Suite and Managed File Transfer


Oracle announces Real-Time Integration Business Insight
Business Analytics: Friendly, Powerful and Immediate

Oracle, the industry leader in applications and middleware, today officially launched a new product in its integration portfolio that will dramatically improve the way that executives generate and consume business analytics


Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight gives business owners the ability to monitor key metrics of their enterprise in real time using pre-configured dashboards. A differentiating feature of this product is its ability to extract these metrics even if backing data sources do not contain the raw data in a traditional store, such as a database.

Business users follow a simple three-step process to define, map, and monitor business metrics.

First, a model of the business is created using a simple browser-based designer. The model defines concepts important to the business, such as milestones, measures, and dimensions.


Insight Dashboards


Second, the model is mapped by an architect to application services and components so that business-level metrics can be extracted during normal business activity. Architects can select services and components for mapping using simple visualizations of application structure in their browser.

Finally, the model is activated and the collection of metrics begins immediately.  Stakeholders can start tracking metrics using pre-configured dashboards, tables, and reports.  Customized dashboards and reports can also be created that let business owners prioritize metrics that are most important to their success.

Customers are demanding more direct control and customization for end-users of business applications and Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight offers the flexibility that business users are looking for.

Learn More:
For more information on Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight, including overview videos, tutorials, downloads, and more, visit the Oracle Real-Time Integration Business Insight OTN page.


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BPEL Process Manager
Human Workflow
Business Rules
Business Activity Monitoring
Oracle Event Processing
Oracle Service Bus
Oracle B2B
Oracle Web Services Manager
Oracle SOA Suite for healthcare integration

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