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UK Oracle User Group Conference 2012 SOA Presentations

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The list below only includes SOA presentations from the UK Oracle User Group Conference 2012, delivered by Oracle SOA Product Management and Oracle Partners.

 Oracle SOA Suite, the Most Capable Tool for Every Possible Integration Challenge: Simone Geib, Oracle and Mark Simpson, Griffiths Waite
This session provided an overview of Oracle SOA Suite, an update on recent milestones, and an overview of the directions of the product. In addition, it looked at how Motability Operations implemented a large Oracle SOA Suite project and reviewed the benefits it derived by embracing this integrated stack.

 Where and When Should I Use the Oracle Service Bus: Guido Schmutz, Trivadis
The Oracle Service Bus is part of the Oracle SOA Suite 11g and stands in the center of modern process- and integration-solutions. The lightweight, stateless and high-performant architcture of the Service Bus turns it into an excellent tool for doing transformation and routing of messages. This presentation explained where and when the usage of the OSB makes sense but also showed the limits of the Service Bus.

 Insight Driven Actions from Business Events with EDN and BAM: Mark Simpson, Griffiths Waite
Oracle BAM enables the business user to have insight into the current business events that are occuring in the organisation. However this is only a small part and first stage of the benefit BAM grants. The real power is when you design a BAM solution to monitor events, alert threshold breaches and define actions; allowing users to look for issues, opportunities and trends to take immediate action.

 Oracle SOA Suite 11g Troubleshooting Methodology: Harold Dost III, IPN Web and Ahmed Aboulnaga, IPN Web
Most troubleshooting guides simply list out solutions to common errors. This presentation introduced a troubleshooting methodology to better equip you with the ability to solve most problems as they pertain to the SOA infrastructure and its executed transactions, teaching you where to look and what to look for. This presentation was a must for every Oracle SOA Suite 11g developer and administrator.

 SOA Governance is For Life, Not Just a Strategy: Mark Simpson, Griffiths Waite
SOA Governance is normally considered in the initial stages of SOA adoption, but rarely followed through the lifecycle of projects. The effect is that SOA governance dwindles and as the maturity of the use of Oracle SOA Suite increases; the business alignment of SOA is not kept in check. You heared guidance on how to make sure SOA governance is embedded and not shelved documentation.

 Five Cool Use Cases for the Spring Component in Oracle SOA Suite: Guido Schmutz, Trivadis
Both Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Unified Business Process Management Suite make it possible to embed Java code as a Service Component Architecture (SCA) first-class citizen through the Spring component implementation type. Thereby the coarse-grained components of Oracle SOA Suite are extended by the much-finer-grained Spring beans wrapped inside the Spring component. This session presented five cool use cases for the Spring component. It showed how and why you would want to use the Spring component and hopefully inspired attendees to use it for their own projects.

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