Avitek Sample Portal

The Avitek Sample Portal is a custom portal built using Oracle WebCenter 11g Release 1 and WebCenter Web 2.0 Services.

Avitek is intended for customers and partners who want to start building custom WebCenter portals quickly. If you have JDeveloper and the WebCenter 11g extension, you'll have Avitek running in less than 10 minutes. If you're starting from scratch, you'll have it running in less than an hour.

Avitek focuses primarily on site management, content driven templates, and customizable pages. It leverages WebCenter Services for page creation, page customization, and content integration. It showcases different approaches to building site navigation and publishing content.

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Avitek Sample Portal Source (29 MB) July 2009
The Avitek download file includes the JDeveloper project file, all sample code, installation instructions, and documentation describing the approaches used in the sample. To get started, download the ZIP file, extract it, and open avitek_sample_portal_guide.pdf to learn how to install and use the demo.
Bullet Developer's Guide to the Avitek Sample Portal July 2009
This PDF file contains instructions for installing and using the demo, and is also available in the Avitek Sample Portal Source ZIP file.
Avitek Portal