Oracle Universal Online Archive

Oracle Universal Online Archive (UOA) is the industry’s most comprehensive, secure, and cost-effective on site electronic archive. UOA is an archiving platform that supports both out-of-the-box archiving services and open, customizable integration facilities that can manage a broad range of enterprise content such as emails, documents, and images from different content sources. With unmatched scalability and performance, UOA can efficiently meet the complete electronic archiving needs of the largest enterprise. UOA also provides “security in depth,” leveraging robust compliance, security, and disaster recovery capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Content Management, Database, and Middleware technologies. And UOA helps control costs by reducing demands on your existing production servers and dramatically lowering storage requirements—while maintaining easy and transparent user access to user archived data.

Getting Started
 Oracle Universal Online Archive - Data Sheet
 Oracle Universal Online Archive - White Paper

Developer Information

Oracle Universal Online Archive provides a comprehensive API that enables developers to integrate content management into existing applications or to build specialized, content enabled applications on the Oracle UOA platform. The Oracle UOA API supports Web Services standards, enabling any SOAP capable client to use the API. Oracle also provides the Oracle UOA Developer Kits for Java and C# that includes Web Services bindings, utility classes, documentation, sample code, and more.

Note that this API is ONLY supported for UOA It is NOT supported for Content DB 10.2 (shipping as an option to the database) nor for Content DB (shipping with Application Server) nor for Content Services (shipping with Collaboration Suite).

 Oracle UOA Java Developer Kit (zip) February 2009
 Oracle UOA API Javadoc

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