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B Frequently Asked Questions

This appendix covers frequently asked questions about Oracle WebCent er Discussions

  1. When using LDAP-Oracle Internet Directory for the user identity store, can I manage user profiles from the Jive administration user interface?

    No. Manage user profiles from the Oracle Internet Directory server.

  2. When using LDAP-Oracle Internet Directory for user identity, are email ID updates in user profiles handled by Jive?

    No. Jive does not handle email ID updates from user profiles. Restart the Jive server.

  3. When using LDAP-Oracle Internet Directory, are any extra settings required for email notifications for watches (forum or thread)?

    When using LDAP-Oracle Internet Directory for the Jive user identity store, make sure that email and watch settings are configured correctly. See the Jive Administration Guide for details. Try sending a test email from the Jive administration user interface. If the email or watch settings are not configured correctly, then the email notification for watched objects will not be sent by Jive.

  4. When using the Jive database for user profiles, how can I add new users to those I have added from Enterprise Manager or LDAP-Oracle Internet Directory?

    Explicitly create all users in the Jive administration user interface

  5. What Jive versions does the deployment tool support for Jive SSO and portlet integration?

    The deployment tool supports any version. For example, 5.5.20-oracle.

  6. How do I find the Jive version?

    Find the Jive version from your distribution or from the Jive administration user interface.

  7. Can I redeploy changes?

    Yes, you can redeploy changes, but you must undeploy first.

  8. I've set up the jiveHome directory, but I cannot find the jive.license file. Where is it?

    Paste the license key from the jive.license file (located in the JiveHome directory), and click Continue to continue with the setup.

  9. A user attribute was changed, but the change is not visible.

    When Jive is configured with Oracle Access Manager and Oracle Internet Directory, if you make any changes to user attributes in LDAP, then you must clear the user cache in the Jive Admin UI. For information on how to do this, see the Jive Administration Guide.