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Oracle WebCenter is an integrated suite of technology designed to deliver a unified, context-aware user experience specifically targeted at the needs of information workers. By bringing together the standards-based, declarative development of JavaServer Faces, the flexibility and power of portals, and a set of horizontal Web 2.0 services, Oracle WebCenter provides a unique ability to build context-rich, customizable applications that eliminate context shifts and maximize productivity.

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Learn the Underlying Technologies
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Java, JSF, and ADF Faces
Oracle WebCenter is based on technologies such as J2EE, Java Server Faces (JSF), and the Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). Having a basic knowledge of these technologies will help you quickly come up to speed with WebCenter.
Key Concepts:
Tutorial icon. Getting Started with Java White Paper icon. Model-View-Controller Blueprint
Class icon. Oracle 10g: Java Programming White Paper icon. Oracle ADF Overview
White Paper icon. Introduction to JavaServer Faces Demo icon. Demo: Oracle ADF Overview
Tutorial icon. Getting Started with JSF Tutorial icon. ADF Tutorial
Class icon. OracleAS 10g R3: Build Java EE Applications I    
Additional Resources:
OTN icon. Java Developer Center OTN icon. Oracle ADF Learning Center
OTN icon. Oracle ADF Resources    

Service-Oriented Architecture
Oracle WebCenter provides the services and components for creating a highly productive user interaction environment that takes full advantage of the services enabled and managed by SOA Suite. Oracle SOA Suite provides the back-end services and management capabilities needed to implement SOA.

One of the key standards accelerating the adoption of SOA is Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) for Web Services. BPEL enables organizations to automate their business processes by orchestrating services.

Key Concepts:
White Paper icon. Oracle SOA Suite White Paper icon. The Business Value of SOA:
Bringing SOA Value Patterns to Life
Website icon. BPEL: Definition Demo icon. BPEL Basics: Recorded Lectures
Tutorial icon. BPEL Tutorials    
Additional Resources:
OTN icon. Service-Oriented Technology Center OTN icon. SOA Best Practices: The BPEL Cookbook
OTN icon. Oracle BPEL Process Manager    
A portlet is a reusable, pluggable Web component that provides a dynamic view of an information source.
Website icon. Portlets: Definition OTN icon. WSRP and JSR 168 Standards
Class icon. OracleAS Portal 10g: Build Portlets with Java Documentation icon. Building Portlets
OTN icon. Portlet Development    
Learn the Tool
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Oracle JDeveloper
Oracle JDeveloper provides all you need for developing and testing WebCenter applications: a unified development environment, an integrated, preconfigured OC4J to deploy your portlets and consume them in your JSF applications, ability to define JSR 227 data controls, and new, customizable JSF components to build applications supporting runtime customizations.
Key Concepts:
White Paper icon. Oracle JDeveloper Overview Tutorial icon. JDeveloper Tutorials
Demo icon. JDeveloper Demonstrations    
Additional Resources:
Download Icon Download JDeveloper OTN icon. Oracle JDeveloper Resources
Learn the Services
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WebCenter incorporates Web 2.0 content, collaboration, and communication services that can be embedded directly into your applications. In addition, APIs can be utilized in the Oracle ADF to create custom declarative UIs and to integrate some of these services into business processes and application features.

Oracle Content Database Suite
Oracle Content Database Suite is an enterprise-wide content management solution based on Oracle Database 10g. It enables organizations to control and manage large volumes of unstructured content such as documents, spreadsheets, and images in a single, authoritative repository without changing the way people work.

Key Concepts:
White Paper icon. Oracle Content Database Suite (datasheet) White Paper icon. Oracle Content Database Suite:
Infrastructure for Content Consolidation
Additional Resources:
OTN icon. Oracle Content Database Suite    

Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES)
Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g, a standalone product from Oracle, enables a secure, high quality, easy-to-use search across all enterprise information assets.

Key Concepts:
Tutorial icon. SES Quick Start Guide White Paper icon. SES Data Sheet
White Paper icon. SES Technical White Paper    
Additional Resources:
OTN icon. Oracle Secure Enterprise Search    

Oracle Communication and Mobility Server (OCMS)
WebCenter leverages Oracle's robust wireless platform to bring the benefits of a unified work environment to all types of mobile technologies, including connected devices such as PDAs and Smartphones, Mobile Voice, Mobile Messaging and even Telnet-based devices for industrial users.

OTN icon. OCMS White Paper icon. Oracle Communicator


Demo icon. Integrating a Wiki by Using a Web Service Data Control (demo) Web Site icon. Wiki: Definition


Demo icon. Integrating Oracle Discussions into a WebCenter Application (demo)    
Learn to Build WebCenter Applications
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Documentation icon. Building a WebCenter Application Step by Step Guide Tutorial icon. Oracle WebCenter Hands-On Practices


Demo icon. Demo 1: Consuming Portlets in a JSF Application Demo icon. Demo 4: Contextually Linking WebCenter Components
Demo icon. Demo 2: Adding Customization to a JSF Application Demo icon. Demo 5: Building and Deploying Standards-Based Portlets
Demo icon. Demo 3: Integrating Content from a JCR 1.0 Repository Demo icon. Demo 6: Portletizing an ADF Faces Application