Oracle Delivers New Release of WebCenter Portal 11gR1 PS3
January 2011

The WebCenter product team is pleased to announce a feature-packed new release of WebCenter Portal. While the label carries a Patchset version number, the enhancements in this release are significant! The focus of this release was to deliver on a single converged portal platform that supports the broadest set of portal and extranet site use cases and incorporates the best features from all of the existing products. Highlights include:

  • Portals & Sites: Enables developers with the broadest set of choices to deliver their portals and extranet sites. Optimized iterative development speeds some development operations by nearly 50X.
  • Team & Social: New layouts and skins for WebCenter Portal's Spaces enables teams to get started immediately. New sharing components speeds the rate at which information is circulated throughout teams. 
  • Enterprise Mashups: Business users and developers can work together using the tool of their choice. Developers can use Oracle JDeveloper to produce data controls, business users can leverage Oracle Composer to mash them.
  • Content Management: Direct usage of the new release of Oracle WebCenter Content 11g from item level security, to attaching and approving workflow - the new release of WebCenter Portal takes direct advantage of the strengths of WebCenter Content. 
  • Personalization: WebCenter Portal's personalization server allows for dynamic delivery of content, information, and experiences to provide a personalized view to any user.
  • Search & Discovery: Direct SES crawlers for all WebCenter Portal content is further refined by leveraging the activity streams. 
  • Desktop Integration & Mobile: Enhanced office productivity integration enables users to directly edit documents and presentations along with a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and an updated iPhone app. 
  • Analytics & Management: A complete set of web analytics services and dashboards have been added. Direct integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager for complete oversight of the entire running system. New propagation tools enable developers and operational staff to push out just the new changes to Test and Production systems.

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