Database Performance Management

Diagnosing a slowly performing system is a time consuming task and often the activity where the DBAs spend most of their time. A number of third party tuning tools are available today but few of them are geared towards answering common questions such as, ‘How can I make the biggest improvements in the system?’ or ‘Why is the system slower today than it was yesterday at the same time?’ Oracle Database 11g includes a self-diagnostic engine built right into the Database kernel that completely liberates administrators from the complex and arduous task of diagnosing performance problems.  Whether you are managing one or many databases, the database performance management features built into the Oracle database offers a complete, cost effective, and easy to use solution for managing the performance your Oracle Database environment. When used as part of Oracle Enterprise Manager, Diagnostics Pack additionally provides enterprise-wide performance and availability reporting, a centralized performance repository, and valuable cross-system performance aggregation, significantly simplifying the task of managing large sets of databases.


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