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General Enterprise Manager Sessions
Application Management Sessions
Middleware Management Sessions
Database Management Sessions
Virtualization and Server Management Sessions
Application Quality Management Sessions
Software Lifecycle Automation
Configuration management
System Monitoring and Deployment Best Practices
Hands-on Labs

General Enterprise Manager Sessions

x Enterprise IT and Cloud Computing
x Day in the Life of a DBA: End-to-End Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager
x Business-Driven IT with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g | Watch Video
x Managing the Oracle Ecosystem on a Cloud Platform: Oracle Enterprise Manager

Application Management

x Business-Driven Application Management and End-to-End Performance Diagnostics
x Oracle@Oracle: How Oracle IT Achieves High Application Service Levels
x End-to-End Application Management: Top Ten Tips and Techniques
x How You Can Optimize Siebel Applications for Today and Prepare for the Future
x "Lost in Transaction": Managing Business Transactions across Distributed Systems
x Latest on Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite
x Reducing the Risk of SOA Transactions
x Oracle E-Business Suite Technology: Vision, Release Overview, Product Roadmap
x Reduce TCO with Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite
x Best Practices for Managing Your PeopleSoft Applications
x Spot Problems Before Your Users Call: User Experience Monitoring for Oracle Apps
x Oracle E-Business Suite DBA Techniques: Install and Cloning Best Practices

Database Management

x Real-World Mission-Critical Database Monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager
x Accelerate/Streamline Your Unicode Migration: Oracle Unicode Migration Assistant
x Smart Database Administration: Cool New Features for Power DBAs
x SQL Tuning for Smarties, Dummies, and Everyone in Between
x Maximizing Database Performance: Performance Tuning with DB Time
x SQL Tuning Roundtable with Oracle Gurus
x Reduce Problem Resolution Time with Oracle Database 11g Diagnostic Framework
x The X-Files: Managing the Oracle Exadata and Highly Available Oracle Databases
x Monitoring and Diagnosing Oracle RAC Performance with Oracle Enterprise Manager
x Oracle Real Application Testing and Data Masking sessions are available under Application Quality Management section.

Middleware Management

x Managing Oracle WebLogic Server: New Features and Best Practices
x Oracle Identity Management Administration Best Practices
x Oracle SOA Management Best Practices, Tips, and Techniques
x Oracle WebLogic Server Management for Oracle DBAs
x Deep Java Diagnostics and Performance Tuning: Expert Tips and Techniques

Virtualization and Server Management

x How we built our Private Cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager: The Verizon Story
x Mission Accomplished: Virtualization Powered by Oracle Enterprise Manager
x Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center for OS and Hardware Management
x Managing Sun SPARC Servers with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
x Scalable Enterprise Data Processing for the Cloud with Oracle Grid Engine

Application Quality Management

x Automate Oracle E-Business Suite Testing With Oracle Application Testing Suite
x Application Testing in the Cloud: Smart Testing for Agile Enterprises
x Heterogeneous Data Masking: Oracle, SQL Server, and DB2 Database Best Practices
x Avoiding SQL Performance Regressions: New Techniques for Solving an Old Problem
x Deploy New Database Features Risk-Free with Database Replay

Software Lifecycle Automation

x Make Upgrades Uneventful Using Oracle Enterprise Manager and My Oracle Support
x Oracle RAC/Oracle VM Automated Provisioning with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
x Enabling Database as a Service Through Agile Self-Service Provisioning
x Patching Enterprisewide Databases: Automation Techniques and Real-World Insights

Configuration Management

x Application Change and Configuration Management: Tales from the Trenches
x Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Management Unleashed: Top 10 Expert Tips

System Monitoring and Deployment Best Practices

x Oracle Enterprise Manager Security Best Practices
x Manage the Manager: Diagnosing and Tuning Oracle Enterprise Manager
x Strategies for Monitoring Large Datacenters with Oracle Enterprise Manager
x Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Deployment Best Practices

Hands-on Labs

x Oracle Database Performance Diagnostics and Tuning Lab
x Oracle Database and Application Testing | Oracle Application Testing Suite | Oracle Data Masking | Oracle Real Application Testing
x The Future of Datacenter Management: A View of an "Apps to Disk" Solution
x Provisioning, Patch Automation, and Configuration Management Lab
x Oracle Fusion Middleware Management | Oracle Real User Experience Insight | Oracle Busimess Transaction Management | WebLogic Server Management | SOA Management