Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11 g Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager New

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control System Monitoring Plug-in for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is deployed as part of an Enterprise Manager Agent, running on the server on which the TimesTen database resides. The Plug-in provides users the ability to monitor the TimesTen database configuration, system information, and performance statistics.  Configuration information and performance statistics are captured at user-defined intervals. The captured information are periodically uploaded and stored in the Oracle Enterprise Manager repository database. Users can monitor database activities using pre-defined charts, or generate user-defined reports using the flexible Enterprise Manager report wizard. Product Datasheet

The System Monitoring Plug-In for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database collects performance metrics for key areas including: cache operations, checkpoints, connections, locks, memory, PL/SQL, replication, SQL statements, transactions, and workloads. It delivers the captured information in different formats including:

  • Performance data in absolute values, rated values, and time series graphs
  • Built-in reports showing combinations of times series graphs for different sets of ¬†performance data
  • User-defined reports for TimesTen database and operating system metrics

To monitor and manage the system by exception, users may define thresholds for critical events and notifications to be generated.  Supported notification types include SMTP, SNMP, PL/SQL procedures, O/S commands and scripts.

The System Monitoring Plug-in for Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database provides administrators with a consolidated view of the TimesTen system in the entire enterprise. This enables administrators to monitor and manage all of their Oracle software components from a central place. Having such an integrated tool reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to manually compile critical information from several different tools, thus streamlining the correlation of availability and performance problems across the entire set of IT components.

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