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In managing all aspects of an enterprise, Configuration Management is a critical component in day to day operations. The Configuration Management Pack forms the centerpiece of Oracle Enterprise Manager's ability to manage configurations and automate IT processes. Configuration Management Pack provides discovery, asset tracking, analytics, change detection, compliance assessments and reporting. Included with the Configuration Management Pack is the Configuration Change Console. Configuration Change Console provides breakthrough capabilities to automate real-time IT configuration change management through comprehensive, continuous detection, validation and reporting of authorized and unauthorized configuration change. Configuration Change Console takes a proactive approach to ensure that both cost and risks are mitigated and ensures that controls are in accordance with regulatory and industry standards like Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI and ITIL.

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1. Download all the zip files for particular server or agent software. Unzip the files in the same directory.
2. Review the Readme for this release.
3. Review Installation Guide and User's Guide.
4. Please ensure that you are using Release 5 ( agents with Release 5 ( server only. Release 5 ( agents are not compatible with earlier versions of the server.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Configuration Change Console Release 5 ( Server

For Microsoft Windows x86-32:
Download Disk1, Disk2, Disk3, Disk4

For Linux x86-32 :
Download Disk1, Disk2, Disk3, Disk4

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Configuration Change Console Release 5 ( Agent

Download For AIX5L Based Systems
Download For HP-UX Itanium
Download For HP-UX PA-RISC
Download For Linux x86-32
Download For Linux x86-64
Download For Microsoft Windows x86-32
Download For for OS/400
Download For Solaris Operating System (SPARC)

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