CREATION DATE: Thursday March 06 04:41:25 PST 2009

README for using Agent RPM Kit with Bare Metal Provisioning Application

This Agent RPM kit is part of the Bare Metal Provisioning starter kit which can be downloaded from:

The Provisioning Starter Kit contains the following items:
- This readme file
- Documentation for 'Best Practices for Bare Metal Provisioning'
- Enterprise Manager Agent RPM in zip format. Choose the required Agent rpm depending upon the Operating system/Architecture of the target machines that you want to provision.

The Agent RPM kit is used deploying Management Agent on the servers being provisioned.

To use this RPM along Bare Metal Provisioning application:
1. Unzip the downloaded file and extract the agent RPM.
2. You can copy this RPM to the machine that you are setting up as the stage server for Bare Metal Provisioning or copy this RPM to any HTTP or NFS accessible location and point to it in the Bare Metal Provisioning application.

Follow the Enterprise Manager documentation for "Best Practices for Bare Metal Provisioning" for details on setting up the boot and the stage servers.

When using this RPM in the non Bare Metal Provisioning case, add the line ORACLE_HOME_NAME="agent10g0" in the file /baremetalprov/

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