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Management Plug-in Development Kit

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The PDK contains command line tools that assist in the development and testing of Management Plug-ins. These tools include check_mp and collect_mp_stats. check_mp verifies that an MP has correct XML syntax in its metadata files, validates them against DTD files and performs some semantic checking to report possible problems. collect_mp_stats gathers metric data defined by the MP metadata and generates an HTML report. The report can be used to evaluate the performance impact that the MP will have on an EM Agent. It is assumed that the user is familiar with the Enterprise Manager Extensibility Guide . Please post your comments, questions and ideas for enhancements to the Extensibility Forum . Please follow the instructions below to download, install and use the tool kit.


  • Access to a workstation running Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris or Windows.
  • A 10.1.x or 10.2.x EM Agent must be installed on your workstation and the ORACLE_HOME environment variable must be set to that EM Agent's ORACLE_HOME.

Installing the PDK

  • Download the PDK to your workstation.
  • Make sure that your runtime environment for the PDK is set up as outlined above.
  • Install the PDK as follows:
    • java -jar emPDK.jar client -install_dir=< pdk_installation_directory>
  • Add <pdk_installation_directory> to your PATH environment variable and execute 'emcli help check_mp' and 'emcli help collect_mp_stats' for command usage and summary.
  • Follow instructions available in the Enterprise Manager Extensibility Guide.


DownloadPlug-in Development Kit

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