Oracle RAC One Node

Database Lifecycle
Management Pack


Automated Discovery of Assets

The Database Lifecycle Management Pack automatically tracks a full range of IT assets, including databases. It provides non-intrusive out-of-box agentless capabilities to discover physical servers. Once servers have been discovered, they are easily promoted to a managed state automatically discovering all databases and other applications. This automated discovery simplifies the process of ensuring all your servers and software are managed along with assisting in IT infrastructure consolidation and optimization initiatives.

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Agile Provisioning and Cloning of Databases

Database Lifecycle Management Pack comes with out-of-box Deployment Procedures to provision, clone and patch the Oracle Database (Single Instance, CDB, PDB and RAC Databases) including the underlying infrastructure. Enterprise Manager also supports the entire lifecycle of pluggable databases in Oracle Database 12c including migration, plugging and unplugging.

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Patching and Upgrade Automation

Database Lifecycle Management Pack supports the entire Patch Management Lifecycle including, patch advisories, pre-deployment analysis, rollout and reporting. It is integrated with My Oracle Support to provide a synchronized view of available and recommended patches.

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Schema and Data Comparison and Automated Propagation

The Database Lifecycle Management Pack provides complete automation for the schema deployment process by capturing the definitions of the application schema objects in the form of a gold definition called a dictionary baseline. When all development changes have been completed, DBAs can save these baselines and propagate the changes to any target database environment.

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Hybrid Cloud Management

Enterprise Manager 12c provides a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing both on-premise and Oracle Cloud (public cloud) deployments, all from the same management console. Enterprise Manager delivers comprehensive capabilities to manage, migrate, test and deploy across hybrid cloud, providing for 100% reuse of existing IT operations management skills and practices.

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