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2018 Issues

January/February 2018

Cover Story: The Future is Open
Technology: Using Async Functions (McGhan); Just Say No, Unless You Can’t (Feuerstein); Old Dog, New Tricks (McDonald); Get Your REST; POST Your SQL (Smith); Limited Profiles and Private References (Caffrey)

2017 Issues

November/December 2017

Cover Story: Let Us Take You into the Future
Technology: Keep Your Node.js Promises (McGhan); Using Dynamic SQL for Multirow Queries (Feuerstein); Unintended Side Effects (McDonald); Becoming Privileged and Creating Synonymously (Caffrey)

September/October 2017

Cover Story: Breakthrough Infrastructure
Technology: Using the Callback Pattern and the Async Module (McGhan); From Low Code to High Control (Kallman); Surviving the Mobile Data Offline Blues (Muir); Automatic and Easy (Nanda); Setting Parameters for Dynamic Productivity (Caffrey)

July/August 2017

Cover Story: Great Integrations
Technology: Maps Within Reach (Muir); Asynchronous Processing in Node.js (McGhan); Meta-Access and Repetitive Composition (Caffrey); Fine-Tune Privilege Management (Feuerstein); Excellent Extensions (McDonald)

May/June 2017

Cover Story: The Business of Things
Technology: Fail Fast, Fail Often (Muir); Change Happens (Carter); The Cost of Data Retrieval (Caffrey); Low-Code and On-Device (Shmeltzer); Easy Master/Detail (Kallman)

March/April 2017

Cover Story: Extend and Integrate
Technology: Extending Mobile Apps (Muir); Get Up to Speed with DBMS_SQL (Feuerstein); Better Tools for Better Data (McDonald); Rapid Retrieval of Rows in Small Data Sets (Caffrey); High on Power, Low on Code (Shmeltzer); See Better Results (Kallman); Open for Development (Tuininga); Automatic REST (Smith)

January/February 2017

Cover Story: Open for Developers
Technology: Too Much of a Good Thing? (Muir); Tell the Story (Rittman); Long and Overflowing (McDonald); Powerful Impact Analysis (Feuerstein); Sequential Additions and Difference Points of View (Caffrey)

2016 Issues

November/December 2016

Cover Story: Your Move
Technology: Become a Mobile Oracle JET Setter (Muir); The Power of Cloud PL/SQL (Feuerstein); JSON in Motion (Nanda); Open for Exchange (McDonald); Defining, Constraining, and Manipulating Your Entities (Caffrey)

September/October 2016

Cover Story: Cloud Launchpad
Technology: Empowering the Mobile Citizen Developer (Muir); The Magic of PL/SQL (Feuerstein); Social Network Analysis (Rittman); Tighter PL/SQL and SQL Integration (McDonald); Changing and Creating Consistently with Integrity (Caffrey)

July/August 2016

Cover Story: AI
Technology: Analyzing What Matters (Muir); Operate on Collections (Feuerstein); Big Table Caching (Nanda); Express Lane Development (Kallman); Write in a Read-Only Database (McDonald); Manipulate, Commit, and Take Back: How Change Occurs (Caffrey)

July 2016

Special Report: Cloud to the Core

May/June 2016

Cover Story: Mobile is Here
Technology: Good Design Avoids the Virtual Keyboard (Nimphius); Go Native with Apple iOS (Muir); Improved Defaults in Oracle Database 12c (McDonald); Setting Yourself Up for Selective Results (Caffrey); Object-Oriented PL/SQL (Feuerstein); Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate (Goodman)

April 2016

Special Report: Run Oracle Cloud in Your Data Center

March/April 2016

Cover Story: The New Infrastructure
Technology: Prepare, Secure, and Publish (Rittman); Lock It Down (Nanda); A Fresh Look at Auditing Row Changes (McDonald); Achieve Winning Combinations with Joins and Subqueries (Caffrey); PL/SQL Surprises (Feuerstein)

January/February 2016

Cover Story: Security at Every Level
Technology: Custom Preferences Screens (Nimphius); Offloading Mobile Storage (Muir); Assume the Best; Plan for the Worst (McDonald); United Relations: Accessing More Than One Table at Once (Caffrey); Take the Transaction Test (Feuerstein)

2015 Issues

December 2015

Special Report: The Undisputed Database Champ

November/December 2015

Cover Story: It's in Our DNA
Technology: API-First: Build APIs with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (Muir); Create a Data Reservoir with Oracle GoldenGate (Rittman); All Aboard the SQL*Loader Express (McDonald); Nullify the NULL (Feuerstein); Enhancements to Optimizer Statistics (Mukundan)

September/October 2015

Cover Story: Integrate to Innovate
Technology: Add Data Visualization and Discovery (Rittman); Test Your Oracle Database 12c PL/SQL Knowledge (Feuerstein); Quick Iterative Development (Kallman); Unify Auditing (Nanda); The Modern Command Line (Smith); Optimize Execution Plans (Mukundan)

July/August 2015

Cover Story: The Platform for All
Technology: Add Services with a Smile (Muir); Beginning Performance Tuning: Trace Your Steps (Nanda); On Cursors, Context, Switches, and Mistakes (Feuerstein); On Learning from Mistakes (Kyte)

May/June 2015

Cover Story: Guard the Crown Jewels
Technology: Get Mobile and Connected (Muir); Upload, Model, Analyze, and Report (Rittman); Dynamically Dangerous Code (Feuerstein); On More-Secure Applications (Kyte)

March/April 2015

Cover Story: Extreme Engineering
Technology: Design Responsively (Nimphius); Recover One (Nanda); Four Resolutions for Better Code (Feuerstein); On SQL, SQL, and More SQL (Kyte)

January/February 2015

Cover Story: Security in Person
Technology: In-Memory Analytics Speeds Business Intelligence (Rittman); Run with JSON (Nanda); When Packages Need to Lose Weight (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database In-Memory (Kyte); Manage the Information Lifecycle (Mukundan)

2014 Issues

November/December 2014

Cover Story: Engineering the Cloud
Technology: Thanks for Sharing (Nimphius); A Perfect Plan (Nanda); Planning for Trouble (Feuerstein); On Query Tuning (Kyte); Basics of the Multitenant Container Database (Mukundan)

September/October 2014

Cover Story: Faster Answers, Faster Business
Technology: Big Data Meets Business Intelligence (Rittman); It’s All In (Nanda); Persistence Doesn’t Always Pay (Feuerstein); On Implicit Conversions and More (Kyte); Multitenant Database Management (Sangar)

July/August 2014

Cover Story: Success on Sparc
Technology: Region Extreme: Multi-Task-Flow Binding (Nimphius); Managing Expressly (Nanda); The Joy of Low- Hanging Fruit (Feuerstein); On Table Updates and SQL Plan Baselines (Kyte)

May/June 2014

Cover Story: Ground Control
Technology: Go with the Flow (Rittman); Document Entities (Smith); Nonstop Partition Operations (Nanda); Writing SQL in Oracle Application Express (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database 12c, Part 5 (Kyte)

March/April 2014

Cover Story: Cloud Engineered
Technology: REST for Everyone (Nimphius); An Easy Drive to .NET (Shay); Playing Nice Together (Nanda); Writing PL/SQL in Oracle Application Express (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database 12c, Part 4 (Kyte)

January/February 2014

Cover Story: 2013 Oracle Excellence Awards
Technology: Speed Mobile (Rittman); Hide from Prying Eyes (Nanda); Sophisticated Call Stack Analysis (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database 12c, Part 3 (Kyte)

2013 Issues

November/December 2013

Cover Story: Engineering as a Service; Features: Record-Breaking; The Business of Growing
Technology: The Next Big Wave (Nimphius); Integrate and Analyze (Rittman); Automatic Data Optimization (Nanda); SQL in Pl/SQL Enhancements (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database 12c, Part 2 (Kyte)

September/October 2013

Cover Story: Plug into the Cloud; Features: Get Ready; Faster
Technology: Many in One (Nanda); Pl/SQL Enhancements (Feuerstein); On Oracle Database 12c (Kyte)

July/August 2013

Cover Story: Blazing Performance; Feature: Grow up, Branch Out
Technology: Build Your Own (Nimphius); On Randomness, Syntax, and Mutation (Kyte); Pivotal Access to Your Data: Analytic Functions, Concluded (Caffrey)

May/June 2013

Cover Story: Engineering for Heroes; Feature: Integrate and Mobilize
Technology: Calling Home (Nimphius); New Spaces for BI (Rittman); On Efficiency, Avoidance, and Performance(Kyte); Leading Ranks and Lagging Percentages: Analytic Functions, Continued (Caffrey)

March/April 2013

Cover Story: Utility Computing in the Cloud; Feature: Banking on a Private Cloud
Technology: Catch Me If You Can (Nimphius); Working with Cursors (Feuerstein); On Becoming Others, Limits, and Restoration (Kyte); A Window into the World of Analytic Functions (Caffrey)

January/February 2013

Cover Story: Oracle Excellence Awards; Features: SPARC at 25, Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata X3
Technology: Wrap Your Code in a Neat Package (Feuerstein); Beginning Performance Tuning: Active Session History (Nanda); On Promotion, Restriction, and Data Loading (Kyte); Having Sums, Averages, and Other Grouped Data (Caffrey)

2012 Issues

November/December 2012

Cover Story: Apps on Oracle Exadata; Features: Engineered to Educate, Explore, Engage; Built for Speed
Technology: Master and Commander (Nimphius); Bulk Processing with BULK COLLECT and FORALL (Feuerstein); Beginning Performance Tuning: Diagnose the Past (Nanda); Selecting a Type That Is Right for You (Caffrey); On External Table Queries, Data Consistency, and Nothing (Kyte)

September/October 2012

Cover Story: Security on the Move; Features: Engineered for Innovation; Complete Cloud
Technology: Consume Early, Consume Often (Nimphius); Lighten the Load (Rittman); Bulk Processing with BULK COLLECT and FORALL (Feuerstein); Make the Easy Move (Smith); From Floor to Ceiling and Other Functional Cases (Caffrey); On Clustering Factor and Validating Keys (Kyte)

July/August 2012

Cover Story: Lockdown; Feature: Future-Proof
Technology: Service, Please! (Nimphius); Working with Collections (Feuerstein); Beginning Performance Tuning (Nanda); A Function of Character (Caffrey); On Characters, Pivots, and Endings (Kyte)

May/June 2012

Cover Story: Super Hero IT; Features: Storage Stands Tall, Connected
Technology: Personalized Dashboards (Nimphius); Working with the Summary Advisor (Rittman); Working with Records (Feuerstein); On Connection Pools, Cursor Differentiation, and Optimal Ordering (Kyte); An Order of Sorts (Caffrey)

March/April 2012

Cover Story: Destination: SPARC; Features: A Better Breed, The Right Fit
Technology: A Template with Behavior(Nimphius); On the Road with BI (Rittman); Error Management (Feuerstein); On Unlearning and Modeling (Kyte); Why WHERE Matters (Caffrey)

January/February 2012

Cover Story: Oracle Excellence Awards; Features: C is for Cloud, Open to the Public
Technology: Security for Everyone (Nimphius); Working with Dates in PL/SQL (Feuerstein); On History, Basics, and Network Performance (Kyte); Getting Answers with SELECT (Caffrey)


2011 Issues

November/December 2011

Cover Story: Managing The Virtual World; Features: Flying High with a Private Database Cloud, Engineered for Innovation; Oracle Magazine at 25
Technology: Put on a Friendly Face (Nimphius); Automating Oracle Business Intelligence Administration (Rittman); Working with Numbers in PL/SQL (Feuerstein); On Collaboration, Testing, When, and Why (Kyte); Certify Your Expertise (Palazzolo); Modeling and Accessing Relational Data (Caffrey)

September/October 2011

Cover Story: Servers on the Cutting Edge; Features: Bridging the Integration Gap, Engineered for Innovation, Moving Java Forward
Technology: All Aboard (Nimphius); Distinctive Database Development (Shay); Working with Strings (Feuerstein); Troubleshooting Internal Errors (Oscroft); On Caching and Evangelizing SQL (Kyte); Get Your Information in Order (Caffrey)

July/August 2011

Cover Story: Storage from A to ZFS; Feature: Rise of the Machines
Technology: Upgrade to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g (Rittman); Add Advanced List Interaction (Nimphius); Controlling the Flow of Execution (Feuerstein); On Better Loading and Fact-Checking (Kyte)

May/June 2011

Cover Story: Bring Business Online; Features: Complete Power; Social by Design
Technology: Putting Business Intelligence on the Map (Rittman); Implement Contextual Events (Nimphius); Build Process-Oriented Applications (Jellema); Smart Scans Meet Storage Indexes (Nanda); On Deferring and Bulking Up (Kyte)

March/April 2011

Cover Story: Plug Into the Cloud; Feature: Billions Served
Technology: Take the Next Step (Rittman); Building with Blocks (Feuerstein); Preprocess External Tables (Nanda); On Tuning, Planning, and Contexts (Kyte)

January/February 2011

Cover Story: Open for Business; Features: Positive Identification; Celebrating Excellence
Technology: Simplicity by Design (Bien); Quickly Define KPIs and Scorecards That Use Them (Rittman); Extend Your Applications (Peake); Simulation Demonstrates Performance (Nanda); On History, Invisibility, and Moving (Kyte)

2010 Issues

November/December 2010

Cover Story: Editors’ Choice Awards 2010: Delivering Innovation; Features: Conference Wrap-Up; Intelligence in Action
Technology: Customize Your Application Layout (Weaver); Build Web 2.0 Applications Declaratively (Peake); Managing Audit Trails (Nanda); The New Master (Jagannath and Bhandi); On Consistent Results, Different Constraints, and Unlearning (Kyte)

September/October 2010

Cover Story: Exadata at Work; Features: Secure in the Knowledge; Focusing IT on Business
Technology: Zoom In on Your Code (Feuerstein); Using Oracle Essbase Release 11.1.2 Aggregate Storage Option Databases (Rittman and Janakiraman); User-Built Applications (Peake); Building on Storage (Nanda); On Popularity, Learning, and Unlearning (Kyte)

July/August 2010

Cover Story: The Virtual Enterprise; Features: Strategize. Plan. Execute; One City, One Week, Three Conferences; Java Hits the Road
Technology: High-Performance Oracle Systems for Business Intelligence Workloads (Yu, Prucha, Hata); Compelling Dialog (Muench); Deriving and Sharing Business Intelligence Metadata (Rittman); Automating Parallelism (Nanda); On Connecting, Pivoting, and Learning New Things (Kyte)

May/June 2010

Cover Story: Stark Domination; Features: Sailing for the Prize; Public and Private Clouds: Making It Work; Software. Hardware. Complete.
Technology: Java (Ort and Heiss); Next-Generation Data Backup (Thomson); Libraries You Can Depend On (Muench); Time for a .NET Tune-Up (Shay); On Working in Parallel (Feuerstein); Oracle Warehouse Builder 11 g Release 2 and Heterogeneous Databases (Rittman); Looking at Edition-Based Redefinition, Part 3 (Kyte)

March/April 2010
Cover Story: Accelerate Your Business; Feature: Only What You Need
Technology: Partition Virtually (Nanda); Edition-Based Redefinition, Part 2 (Kyte); Developer: Embracing Extends (Muench); Advanced Interactive Reporting (Peake)

January/February 2010
Cover Story: Getting to Modern; Features: Know Who. Know How.; Honoring Excellence
Technology: Compressing Columns (Nanda); A Closer Look at the New Edition (Kyte); Developer: The Route to Success (Muench); On Privacy and Function (Feuerstein); Building a Cube (Tracy McMullen and Edward Roske)

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