Berkeley DB 2.6.7 Change Log

Berkeley DB version 2.6.7 is version 2.6.6 with all released patches applied.

Berkeley DB version 2.6.7 is the current stable release of Berkeley DB, replacing version 2.6.6.

Bug Fixes:

  1. If there are a sufficient number of threads competing for limited numbers of pages, it's possible to split Btree pages too many times, and cause a core dump.

  2. Under some circumstances, lockers could be left on locker chains. No incorrect behavior could occur but resources could be leaked.

  3. Fix potential races in updating checkpoint buffer counts that can cause checkpoint calls to never finish.

  4. Fix a potential NULL pointer dereference in the database delete-by-key interface.

  5. Fix a case where it was possible for EAGAIN to not be returned from the database get-by-key interface.

  6. Ignore log records not involved in transactions so that actions taken outside of transactions are not undone during recovery.

  7. Fix a recovery bug when database files are opened/closed multiple times in the same session.

  8. Fix a memory pool race during buffer discard in memory tight environments.

Other Changes:

  1. Update the Berkeley DB release version numbers from 2.6.6 to 2.6.7.