Berkeley DB XML 2.0.7 & 2.0.9 Change Log

Last Updated: Date: 2004/12/23 14:53

Upgrade Requirements:

  1. The database format has changed due to the large number of new features and new storage and indexing options in in 2.0. These changes are incompatible with DB XML 1.2.1 databases. Consequently applications will need to manually dump any existing DB XML 1.2.1 databases and load them into a new DB XML 2.0 database or reload them from the source XML documents.

New Features:

  1. Support for XPath 2.0, including new data types.
  2. Support for XQuery 1.0.
  3. Support for additional index types.
  4. Improved large document support.
  5. Significant API improvement and extension to support new functions. Introduction of factory methods to create objects.
  6. Support for fine grained document storage.
  7. Naming and cross-container operation support.
  8. Enhanced Metadata support.
  9. Support for document loading. Documents can now be loaded from input streams (including local files and URLs) or raw memory locations.
  10. Enhanced document update functionality.
  11. Support for DOM-like navigation methods on XmlValue.
  12. New classes for XmlInputStream, XmlData, XmlManager, XmlStatistics, XmlMetaDataIterator and XmlTransaction.

General Functionality Changes:

  1. Fix a bug where XmlContainer::getDocument() was not passing in user supplied flags. [#9607]
  2. Fix a bug where a Container::Close() did not reset ID members, so a re-create failed to write them to a new container. Fix a bug where open() and versionCheck() would attempt to write even when the the flags specified DB_READONLY. [#9608]
  3. Fix a bug where duplicate index keys were not sorted, causing poor performance for deleteDocument(). [#9737]
  4. Fix a bug where adding an index to a container which contains documents in a CDS configured environment would cause the thread to self-deadlock. [#9925]
  5. Fix a bug where documents weren't being returned for queries on the presence of metadata when the metadata was indexed. [#10487]
  6. Fix a double-free bug in Node Storage for certain size/shaped documents. [#11641]

API Changes:

  1. New classes for XmlInputStream, XmlData, XmlManager, XmlStatistics, XmlMetaDataIterator and XmlTransaction.
  2. Extensive changes to XmlModify.

Java-specific API Changes:

  1. Add Environment and Transaction objects.
  2. Add XmlManagerConfig, XmlContainerConfig and XmlDocumentConfig objects.

Python-specific API Changes:

  1. None.

PHP-specific API Changes:

  1. Add a third party supported PHP API to the distribution, including enhanced support for Apache integration.

Tcl-specific API Changes:

  1. None.

Utility Changes:

  1. Add dbxml_shell utility to allow direct interaction with DB XML containers, indexes and documents.
  2. Add dbxml_load_container utility to facilitate initial loading of documents into a container.

Configuration, Documentation, Portability and Build Changes:

  1. Simplify installation to include all required packages.
  2. Support for Berkeley DB 4.3.
  3. Fixed bugs in header files on Linux Fedora Core 3 installation. [#11650]