Interface Changes introduced in DB 2.3.5:

  1. It has come to our attention that there are versions of the native Solaris compiler that order bit fields inside of structures differently than other compilers, e.g., gcc. Some of the on-page B+tree structures contained bit fields, which meant that databases built using these compilers were incompatible with databases built on other architectures, e.g., a Solaris database could not be read on an x86 architecture which used gcc as its compiler. The DB 2.3.5 release fixes this problem.

    Unfortunately, depending on the Solaris compiler used, the change may cause DB version 2.3.5 on Solaris to be unable to read databases written by earlier versions of DB. If you have a support contract with Sleepycat Software, please contact us for further information and assistance in migrating databases from previous releases of DB to this release.