Interface Changes introduced in DB 2.3.12:

  1. A new DB interface, db_jump_set(), has been added. The db_jump_set function enables applications to replace underlying DB library functionality by replacing entries in a function call jump table. This interface is intended for applications needing to do run-time linking to specific underlying libraries, e.g., for systems where the malloc(3) that the application will use is not known until run-time. The db_yield field previously found in the DB_ENV structure has been removed, and its functionality incorporated into the db_jump_set function.

    The removal of the db_yield field is NOT transparent to applications. Applications should be converted from using the db_yield field to calling the db_jump_set() function with the DB_FUNC_YIELD flag. If you have a support contract with Sleepycat Software, please contact us for further information and assistance in migrating applications from previous releases of DB to this release.

    See db_jump(3) for more information.

  2. A new memory pool interface, memp_trickle(), has been added. The memp_trickle function permits an application to ensure that a certain percentage of the pages in the shared memory pool remain clean at all times, so that there are always buffers available for reading in new pages from the backing files.

    See db_mpool(3) for more information.

  3. A new log region interface, log_stat(), has been added. The log_stat function returns statistical information about the log region. The db_stat(1) utility has been updated to optionally display this information.

    See db_log(3) for more information.

  4. There have been various additions to the memory pool statistics structure, as returned by memp_stat() and displayed by db_stat(1). Applications using the memory pool statistics interface will need to be recompiled for this release.

    See db_mpool(3) for more information.