Sybase Supported Objects and Core Features

Supported Migration Objects

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 Constraints, Primary and Foreign Keys
 Stored Procedures and Functions
 Sybase Identity Columns
 Temporary Objects
 User-defined Types

Sybase Core Features

SQL Developer supports the following core features when migrating from Sybase:

  • Automatically converts column data types to appropriate Oracle data types.
  • Automatically resolves object name conflicts, such as conflicts with Oracle reserved words.
  • Stores database metadata in a repository where you can make changes.
  • Retrieves source database information via online capture or offline capture.
  • Parses and transforms T-SQL stored procedures, functions, triggers, and views to Oracle PL/SQL.
  • Provides advanced customization capabilities such as the ability to change data type mappings, delete and rename objects.
  • Generates reports about the status of the migration.
  • Generates the DDL scripts for the creation of the destination Oracle database.
  • Generates scripts for data movement.
  • Allows you to migrate objects to existing Oracle tablespaces.
  • Displays informational, error, and warning messages about the migration in a progress window.


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