Oracle CDD/Repository Release Readme File

Operating System Version

Prior to installing CDD/Repository release, please read the release notes which are included in the kit and are also available on MetaLink.

Problems Corrected in Replication Option Release

  • CDO Fails Displaying Signed Longword Initial Value
  • CDDL Did Not Properly Store Signed and Unsigned QUAD Initial Values
  • DMU Did Not P roperly Display Signed and Unsigned QUAD Initial Values
  • DMU Performs an ACCVIO When Displaying an H_FLOAT Initial Value


  • Oracle CDD/Repository release will install and run only on Ope nVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 systems.
  • Oracle Rdb release 7.0 or later must be installed.
  • Oracle CDD/Repository requires DEC Distributed Transaction Manager (DECdtm) services for all transactions.

How to Install

@SYS$UPDATE:VMSINSTAL saveset-name kit-location OPTIONS N


The saveset name for this update is:

CDDV72010A072 for CDD/Repository for OpenVMS Alpha.
CDDV72010I072 for CDD/Repository for OpenVMS I64.


Use the name of the device on which the media is mounted.

If the device is a disk drive, such as a CD-ROM reader, you also need to specify a directory. For example:



This parameter prints the release notes.

See the CDD/Repository installation guide (available in the zip file and on MetaLink) for more details on the installation procedure.

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