Oracle Rdb® Extension to Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g User Guide
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1 Introduction

1.1 Overview

The Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g is a three-tier management framework consisting of:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control web-based interface
  • Oracle Management Server and Management Repository
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent

Together, they can be used to:

  • Administer the complete Oracle environment, including databases, iAS servers, applications, and services.
  • Diagnose, modify, and tune multiple Oracle databases.
  • Schedule tasks on multiple systems at varying time intervals.
  • Monitor Oracle database conditions throughout the network.
  • Administer multiple network nodes and services from many locations.
  • Share tasks with other administrators.

The top tier consists of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control web-based interface. The Grid Control web-based interface is a set of web pages that serve as an interface into the management framework. You can use the Grid Control interface to interact with the Oracle Management Server and the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agents to perform all the functions listed above.

The middle tier is comprised of the Oracle Management Server and the Oracle Management Repository. The Management Server contains a set of software components used to support the Grid Control interface and to interact with the Management Repository. The Management Repository is an Oracle9i database that is used to store the metric information supplied by the Oracle Enterprise Manager Agents.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent, also known as the EMAgent, is the third tier of the management framework. It interacts with the targets and their host systems directly. An EMAgent must exist on every node that houses the entities you want to manage via the Oracle Enterprise Manager management framework.

With the installation of the Oracle Rdb Extension for the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g at the EMAgent tier, the management framework is expanded with the capability to manage Oracle Rdb release 7.1 databases or higher, Oracle Rdb monitors, Oracle Rdb SQL/Services servers, Oracle Rdb SQL/Services dispatchers, and Oracle Rdb SQL/Services services.

Instructions on how to install the additional software extension to enable the Oracle Rdb features can be found in the Oracle Rdb Extension for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Agent Installation Guide.

1.2 Requirements

Usage Notes

Software Versions

  • Oracle Rdb V7.1 or later
  • Oracle 10g EM Grid Control Agent Release (OpenVMS 7.2.3 or later - Alpha only)
  • Oracle 10g EM Grid Control Agent Release (OpenVMS 8.2.3 or later - Alpha or Itanium)
  • Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager, Release 10.2 or later or any release that claims compatibility with above Agent releases