Oracle Optimized Solution for Lifecycle Content Management

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Lifecycle Content Management combines Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (Oracle HSM) running on Oracle’s SPARC T-Series servers and using Oracle tiered storage. Oracle HSM manages where the data lives, while at the same time WebCenter Content, which includes WebLogic and its advanced security design, offers a unified, secure approach to data management through all phases of the content lifecycle and applies the appropriate amount of functionality and control where needed. This integration of consolidated software and hardware plus tiered storage provides a solution that optimizes performance, cost, capacity, ease of use, flexibility and scalability while assuring access to 100% of your data.

What's New

 Maximize Data Access Throughout Its Lifecycle With Extreme Scalability



Solution Offerings

 SPARC Servers
 Oracle Solaris
 Oracle Solaris Cluster
 Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager
 Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance
 Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System
 StorageTek Tape Libraries
 Oracle WebCenter Content
 Oracle WebLogic
 Oracle Database