Oracle Optimized Solution for Siebel CRM

This solution implements Oracle Siebel CRM using a unique combination of servers, storage, OS virtualization, application middleware and database products. This complete, proven and optimized CRM stack lowers customer costs, accelerates performance and scalability. The competition cannot match SPARC for powerful and eco-efficient hardware or for scalability. Solution details, including prescriptive sizing and documented deployment best practices, are available so customers may replicate this solution in its entirety or implement recommendations incrementally.

What's New

 Oracle Optimized Solution for Siebel CRM White Paper



Solution Offerings

 Oracle Database 11g R2
 Oracle Solaris 10
 Oracle Siebel CRM 8.1.1
 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140
 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240
 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440
 Sun Storage 6000 Arrays
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