Oracle Optimized Solution for Secure Tiered Storage Infrastructure

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Secure Tiered Storage Infrastructure is an enterprise data management solution that dynamically and securely manages unstructured information in a tiered storage environment. It integrates Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager software running in a clustered environment on Oracle’s SPARC servers with Oracle FS1-2 or Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance and StorageTek tape storage to create an automated tiered storage solution. In addition to access to this environment through standard protocols such as NFS, CIFS, FTP and HTTP is the new access using the cloud API through Open Stack Swift.  Through the architecture of the FS1-2 storage, it is possible to store and access over one billion files in a single file system.  Only Oracle offers this unique solution that optimizes storage efficiency while providing secure access to 100% of your long term data for collaboration and re-use.

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 Extreme Scalability and Flexibility for Access to 100% of Your Data



Solution Offerings

 Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager Software
 SPARC T-Series servers
 ZFS Storage Appliance NAS storage
 SAN storage
 StorageTek tape storage
 StorageTek Archive Solutions