Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebCenter Suite

This Solution delivers optimized hardware infrastructure (Oracle servers, storage, networking) for WebCenter applications to enable superior performance, security and availability at lower costs. Scalability testing on a range of hardware choices, allows for a measured approach to adoption or augmentation of an existing Enterprise Portal infrastructure. From apps-to-disk management through Enterprise Manager and Enterprise Manager Ops Center to in-processor cryptographic acceleration for security, this Solution shows how Oracle hardware complements the industry-leading Oracle WebCenter Portal software suite. Solution details are available so customers may replicate this solution in its entirety or implement recommendations incrementally.

What's New

 Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebCenter Suite White Paper



Solution Offerings

 Oracle Database 11g R2
 Oracle Solaris 10
 Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
 Oracle Solaris Cluster
 SPARC Enterprise M-Series Servers
 Sun Storage 7000
 Sun Storage 6000 Arrays
 Sun Storage F5100 Flash Arrays