Installfest 2 Go - FAQ


Throw your own Oracle-on-Linux Installfest, with help from Oracle!

What is an Oracle-on-Linux Installfest?
An "Oracle-on-Linux Installfest" is a group-install of Oracle Technology and Oracle Linux software, with all the necessary scripts, human assistance, and software (not to mention victuals) provided by Oracle! For those who choose not to do a live install, it serves as a superb demo and Q&A. For a behind-the-scenes look at the world of Oracle-on-Linux Installfests, click here.

What support can I expect expect for your Installfest 2 Go?
OTN will provide media for Oracle and Enterprise Linux software; in some cases OTN will be able to get a local Oracle SC to help out as well. There is also a new page dedicated to installation tips and guides on OTN, not to mention OTN's Linux Discussion Forum.

Who do I contact?
If you are a U.S.-based Oracle User Group interested in hosting a Oracle-on-Linux Installfest at one of your monthly meetings, please contact Todd Trichler of OTN (

What are the hardware requirements for Installfest attendees?
They will need at least 512MB RAM to install Oracle on Linux.

Is Internet connectivity required?
Not necessarily. The Oracle Linux installation media have sufficient support for most hardware, so you probably won't need to download any special device drivers. We have run quite a few Installfests without using a network.

Are there any special disclaimers we should know about?
Oracle assumes that the installation will be done on a clean hard disk. We cannot take any responsibility for existing OSs, data, or applications.

What about dual boots, extra partitions, or existing OSes?
Attendees are welcome to accept the software and setup dual-boot or specialized configurations options on their own. But they do so at their own risk!

What about the Linux guru who wants to set up on his favorite non-enterprise distro?
While Oracle can be made to run on most Linux distros or on VMware, the individual attendees are responsible for providing their own OS media and do the installation at their own risk.

Should I bring a book to read instead of watching the progress bar during file transfers?
No need, product experts do demos of cool new features during those times where the only thing that is happening on the install machines is the copying of data.

Do I have to bring my laptop to the installfest?
No, we usually do not make that a requirement for Oracle-on-Linux Installfests. A lot of people will pick up the software, watch the demos, ask their questions, then go back and try it out on a spare machine at the office. That said, if you do plan on installing during the event, let the organizer know—it will help with planning resource requirements like powerstrips and so on.

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