Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) is a secure remote access solution for any cloud-hosted enterprise applications and desktops running on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Solaris and mainframe servers, from a wide range of popular client devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, Linux PCs, and tablets such as the Apple iPad and Android-based devices.  Oracle Secure Global Desktop gives users the ability to work securely from any device and anywhere, while providing administrators the tools they need to control access to applications and desktop environments resident in the data center.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop is great for users inside the corporate firewall, and via the SGD Gateway, for users outside the firewall too. No VPN is required.

And SGD is certified for use with Oracle’s web-based applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle Primavera and many others- and is also certified for use with Oracle’s Exalogic Elastic Cloud system to provide secure access directly to Oracle Applications co-resident in Exalogic for an exceptionally responsive user experience.

What's New

We've  publicly released an important set of patch set updates for SGD in parallel with Oracle's April 2017 CPU. PSUs are maintenance patch roll-ups, and include strategic security and stability fixes for identified maintenance platforms.

The following reference documentation has been updated in parallel with these releases, and includes detailed information regarding the content of these updates for various platforms, as well as instructions for procuring and installing the patches in existing SGD deployments.
As always: these changes have been documented within the ever-evolving Patch Matrices of the SGD Release Announcement Reference: a one-stop-shop for the latest publicly available updates for SGD!

Secure Global Desktop Release Announcement Reference (Doc ID 2093579.2)
More information on Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisories, including details for Oracle’s April 2017 announcement can be found on OTN, here:

    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.2 - Oracle Secure Global Desktop is a secure cloud access solution.  Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.2 delivers various features and enhancements including monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with Oracle Access Manager, role-based administration, PulseAudio integration, enhanced security and performance improvements.  Read about what's new from Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.2 release announcement blog
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.1 - Supports Android Tablets Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.1 provides anywhere access from Android tablets, Desktop Chrome browers and Oracle Unified Directory servers. Read about what's new from our friend Fat Bloke
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0 - Supports iPad Using HTML5!  - Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0 provides anywhere access to cloud-hosted and on-premise enterprise applications and desktops (workspaces) from Apple iPad and iPad mini tablets, without the need for a VPN client. In addition, since we leverage HTML5 to provide browser-based access inside Apple iPad and iPad mini tablets, users need not download, maintain, configure and update specific client applications from the App Store. Watch Oracle's Product Management Director, Mohan Prabhala, discuss Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0 architecture in this video.
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.63 - Oracle Secure Global Desktop version 4.63 is now available and can be downloaded from My Oracle Support (knowledge base ID: 16606276). Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.63 includes several bug fixes and also includes updates to components such as JDK-6u43, Apache-2.2.24, ModJK-1.2.37, Tomcat-6.0.36, and OpenSSL-1.0.0k
    • Oracle Solaris Remote Lab Uses Oracle Secure Global Desktop!  - Oracle Solaris Remote Lab (part of Oracle's Exastack Remote Labs) provides independent software vendors access to Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 environments (SPARC and x86) for validating their applications. Read about how the Oracle Solaris Remote Lab leverages Oracle Secure Global Desktop to address many requirements such as Anywhere Access, Security, Multi-tenancy, Client-Drive mapping, Integrated user experience etc
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop Customer references  - Learn how Capgemini and Airbus use Oracle Secure Global Desktop for respective scenarios such as business continuity during severe weather conditions, and delivering real-time flight test data direct from the cockpit to any number of designers, engineers, component manufacturers, and other authorized users, regardless of location or client device.
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop Gateway Enables 'Anywhere Access' - Oracle's Mohan Prabhala discusses how Oracle Secure Global Desktop's secure gateway enables 'Anywhere Access' for applications and services, along with deployments details of, and components within the secure gateway itself.
    • Windows Server Certified as Secure Global Desktop Clients with E-Business Suite 12  - Secure Global Desktop is certified for use with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 virtualized environments acting as desktop clients connecting to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 environments. 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows Server are certified. These combinations may also be used in conjunction with Oracle VM, if required.
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7 Now Available!  - Oracle's Secure Global desktop software provides an internet browser initiated access to a variety of applications (Oracle applications, Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mainframe, Solaris etc), allowing administrators the freedom to use a single solution to provide access to a variety of server-based applications. Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7 improves the user experience through support for multi-monitor configurations, richer graphics and audio experiences; delivers out of the box security; expands the list of supported server operating system and Internet browser versions; and supports faster deployment through Oracle VM 3 Templates. The press release can be found here
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop Provides Services Anytime, Anywhere!  - At Catholic Education South Australia, more than 6,000 staff care for over 48,000 students in 103 schools. In this short video, listen to their CIO Tom Mittiga, talk about how Catholic Education South Australia leverages Oracle Secure Global Desktop to provide services anytime, anywhere and with exceptional performance!
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop for Exalogic  - Interview with Mohan Prabhala & Mohamad Afshar from Oracle Product Management discussing what Oracle Secure Global Desktop is, its differentiators, and how it relates to Exalogic.
    • Oracle VM 3 Templates Available for Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.62  - With Oracle VM 3 templates, anyone using Oracle VM 3 need not download, install and configure the supported operating system and the Oracle product(s) individually. In this case, the supported operating system (Oracle Linux 5.7), and the Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.62 product is packaged together into a template that one can easily import and clone from as a virtual machine in Oracle VM 3. This results in a nearly instant deployment and configuration of Oracle Secure Global Desktop within Oracle VM 3.
    • SCREENCAST: Instant Access to Oracle Applications  - With users now commonly bringing their own devices to work (BYOD), providing secure access to applications is more critical than ever. Join Oracle’s Rick Butland as he discusses strategies for providing access to applications on nearly any device.
    • WEBCAST: Simplified, Anywhere Applications Access with Oracle Secure Global Desktop  - Learn how Oracle Secure Global Desktop, when used as an access layer for Oracle Applications, makes enterprise and industry applications easier to deploy, manage, and access.
    • WHITEPAPER: Design Considerations for Oracle Secure Global Desktop Deployments  - Read about some considerations prior to beginning your Oracle Secure Global Desktop deployment, which includes information about the most salient information (networking, protocols, product architecture etc) about Oracle Secure Global Desktop.
    • Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.62 Now Available  - Oracle's Secure Global desktop software provides an internet browser initiated access to full-screen desktop and applications experience (including Oracle applications), allowing administrators the freedom to use a single solution to provide access to a variety of server-based applications. Secure Global Desktop 4.62 includes several bug fixes and also includes updates to components such as JDK-6u29, Apache-2.2.21, ModJK-1.2.32, Tomcat-6.0.33, and OpenSSL-1.0.0e
    • Oracle OpenWorld Presentation: Session 15612 - One-Click Access to Enterprise Applications  - Oracle customers are rolling out their applications faster and to a broader set of users while simultaneously reducing browser client maintenance complexity. How? By using Oracle's desktop virtualization products to provide secure access from nearly any client, nearly anywhere in the world, to their Microsoft Windows, Linux, and UNIX application deployments. In this session, learn how you can use Oracle's desktop virtualization portfolio to realize these benefits in your organization today.
    • Whitepaper; Publishing Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM Applications Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop  - This document provides an overview on how to publish Oracle Primavera P6 Web, and the Primavera P6 Optional Client Applications using Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.6. Use it to solve application performance, open internet access and centralized management related problems for Primavera P6 applications users.
    • Webcast – How Oracle Uses Oracle Desktop Virtualization  - Oracle desktop virtualization is used by thousands of users internally at Oracle every day. Learn how Oracle desktop virtualization helps Oracle: 1) Using Sunray software, Provide access to CRM applications from nearly any device, 2) Using Secure Global Desktop, support thousands of developers around the world with secure, centralized development environments, 3) Using Secure Global Desktop, enable remote access to training tools
    • Whitepaper: Oracle Desktop Virtualization – Simplified Client Access for Oracle Applications - Find out how Oracle Desktop Virtualization as an Access Layer for Oracle Applications, simplifies access from a variety of client devices
    • Whitepaper – Learn how Visulox (a ToolBox solution) enhances Oracle Secure Global Desktop  - Find out how ToolBox Solution`s - Visulox, enhances Oracle Secure Global Desktop to control privileged users, and is designed to handle the back end access, remote vendor access, etc for IT Administration
    • Certification Statement:  Oracle Secure Global Desktop Now Certified for Use With Oracle's Web Applications - By default, for current and all new Oracle application software releases going forward, any internet browser and operating system combination certified by the application itself is certified for use with Oracle Secure Global Desktop. Oracle’s customers paying for support today can read the detailed statement on (knowledge base ID 1325300.1)
    • Whitepaper:  Distributed Development Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop (PDF) - Learn why Oracle’s own software development teams use Oracle Secure Global Desktop.
    • Webcast:  Easy Access to Oracle Applications with Oracle Secure Global Desktop - End users want access to their applications from different operating systems and locations. Learn how to provide secure access using Oracle Secure Global Desktop and by centralizing applications including Oracle’s Siebel, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft applications on datacenter servers.

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