Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant


Oracle Hardware Installation Assistant allows rapid and greatly simplfied firmware update, driver installation, system configuration, and Linux and Windows installation for Oracle Sun Fire x86 systems.


  • Boots from local or remote CD, USB flash drive, or Network image
  • Provides a graphical wizard interface
  • Configure RAID
  • Configure Service Processor
  • Scans the system and installs drivers for Oracle-installed components and option cards
  • Optionally checks with Oracle for updates to OS drivers and Oracle Sun server software
  • Optionally upgrades Oracle ILOM Service Processor (SP) and BIOS firmware
  • Deploys and installs Linux and Windows Operating Systems:
    • Oracle Enterprise Linux
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise
    • Microsoft Windows 2008
    • Optionally deploys using unattended scripted mode and PXE (Linux only)