Oracle System Assistant

Oracle System Assistant is a new, no-cost tool that lets you easily deploy and configure Oracle's Sun x86 servers. Oracle System Assistant bundles the latest essential drivers and firmware into a single package that is embedded on-board with every new Oracle Sun x86 server, reducing download time and increasing your return on investment. Oracle System Assistant provides a guided graphical interface that simplifies server management and helps to eliminate possible user errors. Oracle System Assistant is the ideal tool for single server provisioning and configuration of Oracle's Sun x86 servers.

  • Deploy a wide range of operating systems - These include Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

  • Download the latest software release from Oracle - Click a button to download drivers, tools, documents, firmware and supported Oracle Hardware Management Pack software.

  • See a holistic view of the system - You can get information about hard drives, memory, processors and other components.

  • Update firmware - You can download the latest firmware for Oracle Integrated Lights Out Manager (Oracle ILOM), server BIOS, option cards, and HDD/SSDs.

  • Configure RAID - You can configure RAID 0/1 as a pre-OS installation option.

  • Configure Oracle ILOM settings - You can configure network and clock settings, add/delete/modify user accounts, and many more Oracle ILOM features.

  • Access the tool easily - You can access Oracle System Assistant through the Oracle ILOM Remote Console or with a directly attached KVM.

  • Disable the tool easily - You can disable Oracle System Assistant to avoid inadvertent updates.

  • Operating system accessibility - You can access drivers, firmware, tools, and documentation from within the installed operating systems.