Solaris Registration FAQ

Changes to UpdateManager and smpatch Registration

With the retirement of SunSolve, you are required to register with My Oracle Support and then re-register your systems with UpdateManager or smpatch as the Sun contract information has been migrated to My Oracle Support.

Oracle Single Sign-on Accounts

You must have an Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) account to log in to My Oracle Support. You can use your SSO account to log in to many Oracle services, for example, the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). You may already have an SSO account if you have used other Oracle services. However, if you do not have an SSO account, you must complete the My Oracle Support registration process to create an SSO account.  See the Registration FAQ for more information.

After you log in with your SSO account, you must register your Oracle Support Identifiers. Most customers have only one Support Identifier. This is a number similar to 3434354 that defines for Oracle the products you have licensed for support. You must then be approved by the Customer User Administrator (CUA).

To register with My Oracle Support:

1. Enter in a browser.

2. Click Register Here.  The Register on page appears.

3. Enter your email address and a password to use with My Oracle Support, then click Confirm.

4. Complete the questionnaire, then click Confirm

The following message appears:

Thank you for registering.
Please allow 2-3 minutes for your account creation to complete.

5. Click the link to return to the My Oracle Support Sign In page.

6. Select a language, then click Sign In....

The Oracle Single Sign-On page appears, populated with your email address.

7. Enter the password that you specified in step 2, then click Go.

The User Registration page appears.

8. Enter your Support Identifier in the Support Identifier box.

A Support Identifier is a unique reference number that identifies your organization.

If you have more than one Support Identifier, click Add Another Support Identifier.

9. Read the Terms of Use, select the acceptance box, then click Next.

10. Complete the contact information, then click Next.

When you enter your Support Identifier, if asked to specify your country, enter the country where the relationship is managed between your company and Oracle (where the licenses and services were purchased). When you enter your personal contact information, enter your country of residence.

Note: If you reside outside of the licensing country for your Support Identifier, complete the following steps to ensure that service request (SR) communications are synchronized with your home time zone. 

11. Review the account status information, then click Send.

The Registration Complete page appears.

The registration request is sent to your Customer User Administrator for your organization corresponding to the Support Identifiers that you specified during registration. You will receive an email when the administrator approves or denies your request. After you are approved, you may sign in and use My Oracle Support.

Once the Customer User Administrator has approved your Oracle Single Sign-On, you can register your system for online updates through UpdateManager or smpatch.

System Registration using UpdateManager

From the UpdateManager GUI:

1. Select “Manage Subscriptions” from the File menu.

2. Enter your Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) userid as the username and the Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) password as the password.

3. On the Select Service Level screen confirm the provided Serial Number and accept the Software License agreement to register the system.

System Registration by Command Line

From the command line:

1. Register using the command sconadm register as normal. Make sure the credentials for your Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) account and the serial number are in the appropriate place in your registration profile.