Oracle Inventory

About the Product Registration Data Oracle Collects

During the product registration process, Oracle collects digital product identifiers from those Oracle products that contain them. The collected data provides important feedback to Oracle in order to improve the user experience and to optimize the programs and services we offer customers. This page provides specific information on what data is transmitted and how.

WHO Sends Information to Oracle?

Registration data is sent to Oracle by a user running the Product Registration Manager. The Registration Manager must run on a system that is connected to the Internet.

HOW Is Information Sent to Oracle?

Small encrypted XML messages are transported via a secure SSL connection over the Internet.

WHEN Is Information Sent to Oracle?

Registration is optional. Registration data is sent only if the user explicitly submits the data using the Registration Manager. The Registration process has three steps:

  • In the first step, the Registration Manager collects product registration data from the local system or network that is specified by the user.
  • In the second step, the Registration Manager sends a request to Oracle to determine which products have been registered.
  • In the final step, the user decides which products to register and submits the registration.

WHAT Information is Sent to Oracle?

As part of the registration process, the user's My Oracle Support SSO ID is sent to Oracle. When the registration is submitted, the following product registration information is sent to Oracle:

Data Name Value
Instance Identifier Unique identifier for that instance of the product
Product Name Name of the product
Product Identifer Unique identifier for the product being registered
Product Vendor Vendor of the product
Product Version Version of the product
Parent Name The parent product of the registered product
Parent Identifer Unique identifier for the parent of the product
Customer Tag Optional customer-defined value
Timestamp The time the productwas registered
Source Where the Product Registration Identifiers came from
Container The name of the product's container

The following information is sent to Oracle about the registration agentry on the client system:
Data Name Value
Agentry Identifier Unique value for that instance of the agentry
Agentry Version Value of the agentry
Registry Identifier Version of the file containing the product registration information

The following information is sent to Oracle about the system on which the registered products reside:
Data Name Value
Host The hostname of the system
System The Operating System
Release The version of the Operating System
Architecture The Physical hardware architecture
Platform The hardware platform
Manufacturer Hardware manufacturer
CPU Manufacturer CPU manufacturer
HostID HostID of the system
Serial Number Chassis serial number of the system
Physical Memory Amount of physical memory
Physical CPUs Number of physical CPUs
CPU Cores Number of CPU cores
CPU Threads Number of CPU threads
CPU Name Name associated with CPU
Clock Rate CPU clock rate