The Solaris Community

Tap the expertise of the Solaris user community to learn new techniques and get quick answers to your Solaris-related questions.

Open Source Software

Sun is putting millions of lines of Solaris source code representing thousands of person-years of engineering into the hands of developers to stimulate innovation and to open new market opportunities for Sun partners and the Solaris community.

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Open Source Software Sites
The Solaris 10 Operating System includes 187 open source software packages. You can also download additional open source software at the following sites.

Sun Communities

Visit Sun’s one-stop location for system administrators.

Sun Support Forums
Sun’s support organization hosts a range of online forums covering hardware and software products.

Solaris Forums
Participate in lively discussion groups and exchange ideas, tips, and solutions with fellow Solaris users.

External Communities

Popular Solaris Newsgroups
The Solaris Operating System is actively discussed in a number of community-driven online groups and forums that are not directly associated with Sun.

Sun Managers Mailing List
Sunmanagers is a community-run mailing list targeted at people who manage Sun workstations and servers.

FAQ Sites
A number of FAQ sites are available to learn more about Solaris.

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