Solaris on Dell Servers

Solaris Operating System – available directly from Dell on select Dell PowerEdge servers

The agreement between Sun and Dell gives Solaris customers an expanded option of pre-configured certified systems, and enables Dell customers to leverage the advanced security, virtualization and scalability features inherent in the Solaris OS. Sun and Dell are simplifying IT by making it even easier to acquire an integrated Solaris-based solution and collaborating to provide extensive back-line support.

When you start with Solaris as your OS and combine it with Dell's great server selection, you get the freedom to choose, plus the performance, reliability and security you need.

Solaris Innovations

Security is more than a mix of technologies; it's an ongoing discipline. Dell and Sun understand the need for excellence in this area, and both are constantly striving to enhance security – in the hardware and the operating system.

  • Solaris User and Process Rights Management technology helps reduce risks by granting users and applications only the minimum capabilities needed to perform their duties.
  • Administrators can use Solaris Secure by Default functionality for great minimization and hardening.
  • Solaris Trusted Extensions helps protect the most sensitive data in your organization using labels to implement Mandatory Access Control.

Combine these excellent features with the built-in security of Dell PowerEdge Servers, and you have a secure, reliable, robust server environment.

World Record Performance

Put Solaris innovation to work on getting the most out of your systems and applications.

World Record Solaris     Solaris 10 has set and re-set dozens of performance and price/performance world records on a wide range of benchmarks, covering a variety of workloads on x86 and SPARC systems of all sizes.

See all world record benchmarks


What is Solaris Certification?

In order to get support from Dell or Sun for Solaris on Dell PowerEdge servers, you must be using a certified server. Dell systems certified for Solaris have gone through rigorous testing standards as determined by the Hardware Certification Test Suite (HCTS). Dell systems listed on Sun's HCL as "certified" have been tested and validated by Dell and Sun engineering teams and have met the certification test criteria.

Sun and Dell first entered into an agreement for Solaris marketing by Dell in November, 2007, and announced it in a joint presentation by Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz and Dell CEO Michael Dell at Oracle World.

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