Solaris Operating System

Solaris Sponsors LISA'09 - Nov. 1–5, 2009

If you're interested in learning more about Solaris Operating System to achieve better security, check out the Security Summit being held at LISA '09 on November 3, 2009 in Baltimore, MD. Register Now

Solaris Security Summit Schedule - November 3, 2009

Start 8:30

  • Registration/Welcome
  • Morning Key Note Speaker
  • Presentations:
    • MIT Kerberos Constortium
    • Solaris Security Overview
    • Protecting Oracle Applications with Built-In Solaris Security Features
    • Trusted Extensions and Demo
    • ZFS-Crypto Overview
    • User Groups
End 5:00

Technical Track Descriptions

Protecting Oracle Applications with Built-In Solaris Security Features

This talk presents the leading Solaris OS security technologies that are an integrated part of deploying secure business services. Application software can take advantage of Solaris process rights management, audit, and mandatory access control features to implement the principle of least privilege and data separation. Fine-grained process rights management is integrated into role-based access control and the Solaris Service Management Facility (SMF). By default, SMF minimizes the risk of attack by limiting its network exposure to the minimal number of services that need to run for the software it is hosting.

Trusted Extensions & Demo

Trusted Extensions is a feature of Solaris that implements a mandatory access policy based on label relationships. It enforces constraints on the access and release of sensitive information. This talk describes how labels are associated with standard Solaris features like containers, network endpoints, ZFS datasets, and the GNOME desktop. An administrative facility called the Trusted Path is used to demonstrate how the policy is configured and enforced. Finally, the talk describes how labels are applied to commercial applications.

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