Learning Centers

With easy access to multimedia presentations and demos, learn more about the various technologies Solaris 10 has to offer.

Solaris Adoption Learning Center
Raise the bar on your datacenter's performance with Solaris 10. Whether migrating or upgrading, take advantage of the varied resources available that will help you make the move to Solaris 10.

ZFS Learning Center
Solaris ZFS offers a dramatic advance in data management with an innovative approach to data integrity, tremendous performance improvements, and a welcome integration of file system and volume management capabilities.

Security Learning Center
Learn how to apply unparalleled protection for your data and your site using the advanced security features of the Solaris 10 Operating System with these video segments, presentations and resources.

Virtualization Learning Center
Sun provides the full spectrum of technologies needed today to build a virtual enterprise and is on the cutting edge of innovative technologies that will improve Virtualization in the future. Virtualization is another way that Sun provides enterprise-wide solutions, anywhere, anytime.

Solaris Containers Learning Center
Solaris Containers isolate software applications and services using flexible, software-defined boundaries. Solaris Containers allow many private execution environments be created within a single instance of the Solaris OS. Each environment has its own identity, separate from the underlying hardware.

High Availability Learning Center
Get familiar with Solaris Cluster. Enhance the high availability and disaster recovery features of your Solaris installation.
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