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How to Optimize Oracle Solaris Applications for Intel Platforms

A technical guide for developers and system administrators that explains how to use the capabilities of Oracle Solaris to optimize the scalability, performance, reliability, security, power efficiency, and virtualization of applications running on Intel's new Xeon processor family (5600 and 7500 series).

Solaris ZFS File System Features and Enhancements in the Solaris Operating System for Enterprise Users

As file-based data continues to grow and consume storage resources in the enterprise, datacenter managers are turning to the Solaris 10 Operating System, OpenSolaris operating system, and Solaris ZFS file system to help streamline storage management. Now, new features and enhancements in the Solaris ZFS file system can help companies take advantage of open storage platforms, enhance data services, and ease administration, as evidenced by many Sun customers worldwide.

Solaris OS Strategy Report

Organizations like to focus on the mission-critical applications that allow them to win competitive battles, and rightly so. Applications are key. But so is the foundation beneath those applications. This report explores the dramatic effects that an operating system can have on an organization's profitability, revenue generation, market share, and security, and discusses how corporate strategy can be impacted by decisions made in the data center.

New Study compares support offerings from Sun Microsystems, Inc and Red Hat, Inc.

The trend of acquiring operating system software for "free" has put a premium on analyzing and understanding the other portions of a larger technology solution, namely the services that organizations will invariably need to purchase to support their deployments. Learn the important quantitative and qualitative differences between support offerings from today's leading open source operating system providers.

New Study Shows the Economic Value of Upgrading From an Older Version of Solaris to Solaris 10

The research showed significant reductions in enterprise data center costs, including: administrative costs, maintenance and support, and environmental/operational costs. On average, the ROI was 127% over five years for servers already upgraded, and a potential for an additional 335% ROI if the upgrade was completed for all servers.

New Study Show Significant Cost Advantages of Solaris 10 Over Red Hat Linux

The Solaris 10 OS provides a 20% cost-of-ownership advantage over Red Hat Enterprise Linux, according to a new cost-of-ownership study conducted by the Crimson Consulting Group. The study evaluated the costs of acquisition as well as long-term support, administration and operations.

RDMS Server Consolidation with Solaris 10 Containers

Presents how Solaris Containers can be utilized to consolidate several RMDS servers into a fewer number of CMT or multi-core multiprocessor systems.

Using Solaris OS Security to Address Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS Compliance

Presents security features of the Solaris 10 OS and related Sun technologies, and describes how they can be used by organizations in complying with the PCI DSS.

Solaris ZFS and Veritas Storage Foundation File System Performance White Paper

Explores the performance characteristics and differences of Solaris ZFS and the Veritas File System through a series of tests using the Filebench benchmarking framework which reproduces the I/O patterns of applications, as well as the popular IOzone benchmark which tests specific I/O patterns.

Solaris ZFS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Ext3 File System Performance White Paper

Explores the performance characteristics and differences of Solaris ZFS and the ext3 file system through a series of benchmarks based on use cases derived from common scenarios, as well as the IOzone File System Benchmark (IOzone benchmark) which tests specific I/O patterns.

Solaris ZFS and Microsoft Server 2003 NTFS File System Performance White Paper

Explores the performance characteristics and differences of Solaris ZFS and the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 NTFS file system through a series of publicly available benchmarks, including BenchW, Postmark, and others.

Solaris 10 Upgrade Best Practices

This document details best practices for upgrading to the Solaris 10 Operating System.

IBM WebSphere Application Server on Solaris 10 and Zones

This document describes how IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V6.0.2 or newer can be installed and configured on Solaris 10 in the global and non-global zones.

Solaris OS Networking—The Magic Revealed

Includes networking advancements in the Solaris 10 OS and the evolution of networking in previous releases.

In a Class By Itself: The Solaris 10 Operating System

The innovative and far-reaching new features delivered in Solaris 10 can significantly improve how you manage your IT infrastructure.

Solaris and Linux: Seal Rock Research White Paper

Information about the important differences between Solaris and Linux flavors can help you choose the best operating system for use on AMD Opteron processor-based servers.

File System Performance Comparison White Paper

Initial comparisons of the Solaris OS and Novell SUSE LINUX performance using the PostMark file system benchmark show Solaris as the better performer.

Predictive Self Healing in the Solaris 10 Operating System

Sun’s approach to building self-healing systems, including the new Solaris 10 Predictive Self Healing technology, helps maximize availability.

Solaris Containers: Server Virtualization and Manageability

Solaris Containers isolate software applications and services using flexible, software-defined boundaries, allowing you to consolidate servers and improve resource utilization.

Transitioning to Solaris Volume Manager

The Solaris Volume Manager software greatly simplifies storage administration and allows many operations to occur online, minimizing the need for costly downtime.

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Sorting Out Solaris Releases Webcast

Want to know what's the difference between the Solaris 10 OS and Solaris Express Developer Edition (SXDE)? And where does OpenSolaris come into play? This brief Webcast (only 10 minutes) will help you sort through the different versions of Solaris and help you understand which version will best suit your needs.

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