LISA 2011 Conference

On December 6, 2011  - The Oracle Solaris 11 Summit Day took place at the USENIX Lisa conference in Boston, MA.  It was a full day of sessions covering the latest OS technologies, and an opportunity for attendees to meet key members of the Oracle Solaris engineering team as they conducted a deep-dive exploration of core Oracle Solaris 11 features. See the presentations below.

 Oracle Solaris 11 Strategy by Markus Flierl
 Next Generation OS Lifecycle Management with Oracle Solaris 11 by Dave Miner and IPS Packaging for Oracle Solaris 11 by Bart Smaalders
 Oracle Solaris Virtualization by Mike Gerdts and Oracle Solaris 11 Networking Overview by Sebastien Roy
 Security in your Oracle Solaris Cloud Environment by Glenn Faden
 Oracle Solaris - The Best Platform to run your Oracle Applications by David Brean
 Oracle Solaris Cluster - HA in the Cloud by Gia-Khahn Nguyen
 Oracle Solaris 11 Kernel by Jan Setje-Eilers