Oracle Solaris 11.3 Beta
Security. Speed. Simplicity.

The Oracle Solaris 11.3 Beta program is an opportunity for developers, administrators and architects to evaluate a pre-release version of the Oracle Solaris enterprise cloud platform. Get a head start on implementing technology that will transform your business and save you money. This is also your opportunity to provide feedback on the latest Oracle Solaris release.

Key Benefits:

  • Oracle Solaris’ advanced and easy to use, built-in security features help you prevent hacking and avoid malware for the lifetime of your applications, from install to runtime and prove it simply! Through the bundled compliance tools, tailored reports can be generated easily and rapidly saving money and time.
  • Oracle Solaris virtualization technologies give you all the flexibility of a hypervisor with the performance and density of a container, enabling you to deploy your enterprise workloads safely and securely, in traditional or OpenStack based cloud environments.
  • Simplified and fast lifecycle management provides for large gains in productivity and lower cost of operations, enabling you to build new products and services and deliver on your business strategy faster.
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