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Oracle partners are leveraging the new features of Oracle Solaris 11 and SPARC technology to provide their customers increased performance, security, stability and the agility in today’s cloud-based IT environments.

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  Oracle Unveils SPARC Servers with the World's Fastest Microprocessor (March 26, 2013 Press Release)


"BMC Software’s Control-M, the industry leading workload automation solution, has successfully utilized Oracle Solaris for more than 10 years," said Erez Gordon, Product Development Manager, Control-M Workload Automation, BMC Software. "Control-M supports many of the critical applications that run on SPARC hardware and across the enterprise. The solution offers true cross-enterprise capabilities and supports a vast array of platforms including the Oracle Solaris operating system starting with Oracle Solaris 5 and currently with Oracle Solaris 11. Our customers value the breadth and depth of knowledge Control-M provides and that is why we are proud to be partnering with Oracle to support Solaris 11 and the new T5 SPARC Server which will further enrich our customers’ workload automation processing capabilities."

"Clients look for high stability, reliability and scalability when evaluating infrastructure to run analytics and process database transactions," said Ron Lennis, Oracle practice manager at Forsythe. "Oracle’s SPARC T5 Server running Oracle Solaris 11 offers these attributes as well as innovative power management features and a new directory-based protocol that reduces unnecessary coherence chatter and memory latency. We look forward to begin testing it in our Technology Evaluation Center (TEC)."

"Running Oracle Database on Oracle SPARC T4 Servers and Oracle Solaris have long provided us the performance, reliability, and availability we need to meet our customers’ most demanding workload requirements," said Mike Thompson, President and CEO, Groupware. "We are looking forward to further defining the speed of what’s possible with the new SPARC T5 servers."

"As data volumes continue to grow and real-time information requirements increase, Informatica customers seek easily attainable performance gains from their underlying infrastructure. We have a significant base of customers committed to Oracle's SPARC servers with Oracle Solaris, therefore, we're delighted that Oracle has made strategic investments in the platform to increase performance for our customers. Informatica’s PowerCenter enterprise data integration software increases performance to access, integrate and deliver data quickly and cost-effectively. Recent test results with PowerCenter running on the new SPARC T5-2 server and Oracle Database 11g Release 2 show improved performance and throughput over existing hardware, proving significant advantages running Oracle hardware on Oracle software with Informatica," said Ash Kulkarni, SVP and GM, Data Integration, Informatica.

"JomaSoft is very impressed by the performance of Oracle's new SPARC Solaris T5 server. JomaSoft's Virtual Datacenter Control Framework (VDCF) is a management solution for creating, migrating and patching in Solaris 10 & 11 environments with Logical Domains (LDOMS) and Zones. Our test results indicate that VDCF runs 40-45% faster core-to-core on T5 compared to a T4 server, without any configuration change at the application level. With double the number of cores on T5 (compared toT4), and overall faster single thread performance, JomaSoft views SPARC T5 as an ideal platform for customer consolidation and virtualization projects," said Marcel Hofstetter, CEO at JomaSoft.

"Oracle’s SPARC T-series servers deliver impressive performance and scalability with increasing user loads on MSC’s SimManager application," said Leo Kilfoy, General Manager, Simulation Process & Data Management Business Unit, MSC Software. "With the SPARC T5 servers’ processor and throughput enhancements, we’re looking forward to testing SimManager on the new systems. These new SPARC T-series servers help assure us that Oracle is actively investing in both Oracle Solaris and SPARC servers."

"ORSYP is very impressed by the performance of Oracle's new SPARC T5 server running Oracle Solaris. ORSYP’s Dollar Universe benchmarks show that the SPARC T5-1B system easily supported a typical workload of 65,000 jobs per day with an average of 98 percent room to spare at this load level, and 89 percent available during load peaks. The SPARC T5 server executed the workloads 3x faster than the SPARC T4. ORSYP definitely sees Oracle’s SPARC T5 server as an ideal platform for workload automation and job scheduling," said Guy Muller, ORSYP VP of Engineering.

"We believe that great software demands a great platform to run on. That is why we are committed to SPARC and Oracle Solaris to develop and operate our GPM software. Our customers depend their businesses on the stability and reliability of our solutions; in Oracle Solaris we have found an extremely stable and reliable platform for our software development and operations business. We are excited about the improvements in performance and throughput that Oracle's new SPARC T5 CPU is promising to deliver and look forward to begin testing in our lab and remain committed to the SPARC platform with Oracle Solaris," said Henning Voss, CEO and founder of the PORTRIX Group, a Hamburg- based Oracle ISV partner, specialized in software solutions for the logistics industry.

"SAS® Business Analytics enables faster, more accurate data-driven decisions. Implementing SAS Business Analytics on SPARC servers with Oracle Solaris solves critical business issues in transformational ways. SPARC and Oracle Solaris have long been a proven platform for SAS applications. We've seen in-house that the technically advanced features and design of the SPARC M5 servers along with processor and throughput enhancements provide a very well-suited platform for enterprise class SAS application deployments," said Craig Rubendall, SAS Senior Director of Research and Development.

"Using Siemens PLM Software’s Teamcenter benchmarks, Oracle's SPARC T4 server running Oracle Solaris 11 has delivered impressive performance and scalability numbers. Our initial testing of a SPARC T5-2 server with 1000 concurrent users indicated that the SPARC T5 processor with its single thread performance improvements has doubled CPU capacity compared to the SPARC T4 for similar Teamcenter workloads," said Chris Brosz, Vice President Technical Operations, Siemens PLM Software, Inc. "We believe the new SPARC T5 series server is a strong indicator of Oracle’s commitment to Oracle Solaris and SPARC and will be well received by our mutual customers."

"Storix customers value the extreme stability and reliability of SPARC Solaris servers, and we are proud to be partnering with Oracle to support the upcoming launch of the SPARC Solaris T5 server. Our customers are looking forward to deploying T5 running Storix System Backup Administrator (SBAdmin), which simplifies provisioning, migrations and bare-metal recovery. ”With the T5's new CPU performance and throughput improvements, we are excited to begin testing our ability to easily migrate legacy SPARC Solaris servers to the T5 in our labs. Storix remains committed to the SPARC Solaris platform," said David Huffman, President/CEO, Storix.

"Symantec and Oracle have a rich history of partnering to address our customers’ information protection needs," said Danny Milrad, Director of Product Marketing, Information Management Group. "NetBackup customers running on SPARC Solaris T5 will benefit from enhanced performance to more efficiently run these critical IT operations. Symantec will continue to work closely with Oracle to integrate our leading data protection offerings with the robust functionality of SPARC Solaris."

"Temenos banking customers value the extreme stability and reliability of SPARC Solaris, and we are proud to be working with Oracle to support the upcoming SPARC T5 product launch. The Oracle SPARC T5 server with Oracle Solaris 11 has delivered impressive performance and throughput results on our flagship banking solution, T24. In our testing we found that the T5 server compared to a similarly configured T4 server running our T24 banking application had 30% better response time. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes our banking customers to run the end of day, end of month and end of quarter calculations. Our customers, will also find a nearly 3x increase in online transaction processing (OLTP) throughput, resulting in improved value from the overall solution," says Simon Henman, Technology Manager, Temenos, a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork with Oracle Database Ready status.

"Many Trend Micro customers value the extreme stability and reliability of SPARC and Oracle Solaris, especially for their mission-critical business applications. Trend Micro Deep Security has long provided critical security, including intrusion prevention, integrity monitoring and log inspection, for Oracle Solaris customers to ensure protection and compliance for their data center. We are proud to be working with Oracle to support the SPARC T5 product launch. With the SPARC T5’s new CPU and throughput improvements, we are looking forward to begin testing the new hardware in our labs and providing better performance and continuing support for Oracle Solaris on the latest SPARC platforms," said Warren Wu, Director of Product Management, Trend Micro.












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