Selected FOSS Evaluation Packages
for Oracle Solaris

Oracle is working to provide evaluation packages of new and updated versions of selected Oracle Solaris FOSS components ahead of regular Oracle Solaris releases.

The Oracle Solaris product includes a large amount of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). This software is maintained and released by many different communities, and many components are updated on schedules that move faster or are different than the Oracle Solaris product release cycle. This program addresses a need to provide new and updated versions of FOSS components outside the product release cycle. Available packages are published periodically through the Oracle Solaris product release repository.

Not all Oracle Solaris FOSS packages are available for a variety of reasons: software is not yet part of this program, software has not changed since the last product release, software can not be built and run on an older Oracle Solaris release due to dependencies and/or other changes in the Oracle Solaris product.

Selected FOSS evaluation packages for Oracle Solaris 11.3 are available from The source code used to build the selected FOSS components is available at

Note: These selected FOSS Evaluation packages are not supported through Oracle's Premier Support for Oracle Systems.


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