Oracle Solaris 11 Technology Spotlights 

Oracle Solaris 11 delivers advanced Oracle Solaris features that have been in development for more than five years in an easy-to-use, production-ready package, allowing you to immediately use the latest Oracle Solaris features to deploy new applications. Oracle Solaris 11 adds network virtualization and resource management to the complete, built-in virtualization capabilities of Oracle Solaris, providing the highest performance virtualization environment with the lowest overhead.

Visit our Technology Spotlights pages to get more information on key Oracle Solaris 11 technologies:

 OpenStack for Oracle Solaris 11
 Oracle Database Runs Best on Oracle Solaris 11
 Simplified Installation
 Service Management Facility
 Oracle Solaris Availability
 x86 Optimization for Oracle Solaris
 ZFS Technology
 Oracle Solaris 11 and SPARC
 Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
 Developing Enterprise Applications
 Image Packaging System (IPS)
 Oracle Solaris SDN and Network Virtualization

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