What You See Is What You Get Element Simplified Installation and Cloud Provisioning with Oracle Solaris 11


Customers moving from earlier versions of Oracle Solaris will discover that Oracle Solaris 11 facilitates the transition process by providing tools for infrastructure migration, as well as application workload transition. Enterprise-class automated installation and provisioning is an important area for Oracle Solaris customers. Simplification and modernization of Installation is one of the key areas that has received significant attention and investment in Oracle Solaris. One of the principle goals has been to lower the up-front and ongoing costs of deploying Oracle Solaris-based systems and software stacks.

Oracle Solaris Installation Technologies:

  • Unleash dramatic improvement for the cloud-driven software lifecycle process
  • Reduce complexity by architecting-in and providing desired enterprise-scale flexibility features in the product
  • Bring innovation with a unified design supporting various installation options including desktops, standalone "headless" servers and automating multi-server farms
  • Offer superb and flexible capabilities in creating and deploying customized images
  • Empower end-users to take advantage of modern network protocols and architectures with WAN-based network and file-based software repositories
  • Integrate, and are engineered with other parts of Oracle Solaris, such as SMF, ZFS, IPS to provide a more consistent experience when installing (and subsequently updating) bare-metal systems or Zones
  • Provide tools to make it easier for customers to transition from Jumpstart-based installation environments
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