What You See Is What You Get Element OpenStack for Oracle Solaris 11


Oracle Solaris 11.2 incorporates a complete OpenStack distribution, bringing OpenStack functionality to Oracle Solaris environments and managing other hypervisors and infrastructure in the data center.

Integrated into the core technology foundations of Oracle Solaris 11, OpenStack allows administrators to manage and share compute, network and storage resources in the data center through a centralized self-service web based portal. The combination of Oracle Solaris and OpenStack allows IT organizations to now deliver services from “zero to cloud” in minutes rather than weeks, with enterprise-grade reliability, security, and performance.

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How-To Guide

 Getting started with OpenStack on Oracle Solaris 11.2 


 Oracle Solaris OpenStack
 Enteprise cloud with Oracle Solaris and OpenStack
 Agile Provisioning in the cloud with Unified Archives and OpenStack
 OpenStack and ZFS: Simple, Efficient, Secure
 Application driven SDN and network virtualization in Oracle Solaris
 Home Movie: Sophia, Where's My Cloud?


 Oracle Solaris OpenStack Unified Archive


 Exploring OpenStack Horizon - Part 1, Admin Panel
 Exploring OpenStack Horizon - Part 2, Project Panel
 Oracle Solaris Elastic Virtual Switch - Part 1
 Oracle Solaris Elastic Virtual Switch - Part 2


 Oracle Solaris OpenStack FAQ
 Oracle Solaris OpenStack Dev Project Page
 OpenStack Community

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