Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3

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Package Installation Tarfile
Installs software as Solaris OS or Linux packages.

This option is supported by product patches, accessible via the Oracle Development Tools Support Offering.
This option extracts the installed version of Oracle Solaris Studio software from a tarfile (no packages). Elevated OS permissions (e.g. root) are not needed.

Oracle support is not available for this configuration nor can the software be updated with patches.

Solaris 11 OS
on SPARC & x86
  1. Visit Oracle Certificate Requests to request an Oracle Solaris Studio certificate -
  2. Per instructions at site, download and install certificate and key on your system
  3. Per instructions at site, add the solarisstudio publisher and install Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3
DownloadTarfile on Solaris SPARC (488 MB)
md5: eb8b6be0feb58eadc9c55f5af8e1b740

DownloadTarfile on Solaris x86 (390 MB)
md5: 533ca7f76a80e9c33ba68d4360549efd

Solaris 10 OS
Download SVR4 installer on SPARC (570 MB)
md5: a6ab70be8235e5d56e824499b7017dd9
DownloadTarfile on Solaris SPARC (488 MB)
md5: eb8b6be0feb58eadc9c55f5af8e1b740

Solaris 10 OS
on x86
Download SVR4 installer on x86 (452 MB)
md5: b98bde1471685c2ed8acd7b0b38776e3
DownloadTarfile on Solaris x86 (390 MB)
md5: 533ca7f76a80e9c33ba68d4360549efd

Linux (OL/RHEL)
on x86

Download RPM installer on x86 (417 MB)
md5: 877ae91e82cf0dcab68008bf37b536ae
Download Tarfile on Linux x86 (368 MB)
md5: 85a803ea36c01780702c8f1c1b72df5c
Unpacking instructions:

bzcat download_directory/SolarisStudio12.3-[OS]-[PLATFORM]-[FORMAT].tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -

For information on using the package installer to install on Oracle Solaris 10 and Linux, see the Installation Guide. For the complete documentation, see the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Documentation page. Instructions for installing on Solaris 11 are available with the Certificate Information for Oracle Solaris Studio at The tarfile format is an installed filesystem of the product and can be unpacked using only the above unpacking instructions. For a complete list of system requirements, see the Release Notes.

For additional legal details, such as licenses for included third party technology and information on distributable libraries, see the Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Library.

Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 Platform Specific Enhancements (PSEs)

Oracle Solaris Studio Platform Specific Enhancements are available for customers with a support contract on My Oracle Support (MOS). Platform Specific Enhancements contain performance optimizations for the latest Oracle hardware systems. PSEs available for Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 are listed below:

  • Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, 1/13 Platform Specific Enhancement: Delivers support for SPARC M5, SPARC T5 and Fujitsu M10 systems. Search for Article ID 1519949.1 in the Knowledge Zone on MOS for more information.

Learn more about Oracle Solaris Development Tools Support, an Oracle Premier support offering, which entitles you to access Oracle Solaris Studio patches and Platform Specific Enhancements.

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