Sun Studio 12

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Package Installer Tarfile
Installs software as Solaris OS (SVR4) or Linux (RPM) packages.

This option is supported by product patches, accessible via the Oracle Development Tools Support Offering.
This option extracts the installed version of Sun Studio software from a tarfile. (no SVR4 or RPM packages)

SS12 Prepare System checks and installs missing prerequisite software for tarfile installations.

Oracle support is not available for this option nor can the software be updated with patches.

Solaris 10 OS

Download SunStudio12ml-solaris-sparc-200709-pkg.tar.bz2 (1139 MB)
md5: ce36ff5d58c2e2b228a6ba0179bf615a
DownloadSunStudio12ml-solaris-sparc-200709-ii.tar.bz2 (296 MB)
md5: ef295c2c5b576e94d8fc9e8a8e582de9
DownloadSS12 Prepare System - SPARC (476 MB)
md5: c886b404a98ccd1be72839e54e12c79e

Solaris 10 OS
on x86

Download SunStudio12ml-solaris-x86-200709-pkg.tar.bz2 (574 MB)
md5: 6afef9b9d97b53e414936b21de3bfd3f
DownloadSunStudio12ml-solaris-x86-200709-ii.tar.bz2 (232 MB)
md5: 04194bc06708af99eef52d9bc14d5712
DownloadSS12 Prepare System - x86 (260 MB)
md5: a526185665b092af3afd2246f89003b8

Linux OS
on x86

Download SunStudio12ml-linux-x86-200709-pkg.tar.bz2 (399 MB)
md5: edf3fef19e96f3bca3de7017118aee9b
Download SunStudio12ml-linux-x86-200709-ii.tar.bz2 (222 MB)
md5: fcce391f42d617e5afeb99ddfe185b42
DownloadSS12 Prepare System - Linux (113 MB)
md5: 4fae95eda3128b007b30b3b437af2f5f
Unpacking instructions:

bzcat SunStudio12ml(PrepSys)-[OS]-[PLATFORM]-200709(-FORMAT).tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -

For the install guide and release notes see Sun Studio 12 Documentation page.

For additional legal details, such as licenses for included third party technology and information on distributable libraries, see the Sun Studio 12 legal page.