Sun Studio 12 Update 1

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Package Installer Tarfile
Installs software as Solaris OS (SVR4) or Linux (RPM) packages.

This option is supported by product patches, accessible via the Oracle Development Tools Support Offering.
This option extracts the installed version of Sun Studio software from a tarfile (no SVR4 or RPM packages)

Oracle support is not available for this configuration nor can the software be updated with patches.

Solaris 10 OS

Download SunStudio12u1-SunOS-SPARC-pkgs-ML.tar.bz2 (499 MB)
md5: 62d516c5d4018f3e105563477ecb254e
DownloadSunStudio12u1-SunOS-SPARC-tar-ML.tar.bz2 (413 MB)
md5: b5dfd9c8432f8de64a090cea4ecc8bd4

Solaris 10 OS
on x86

Download SunStudio12u1-SunOS-x86-pkgs-ML.tar.bz2 (272 MB)
md5: 1048f16a58d8925b9234985ba9e09c76
DownloadSunStudio12u1-SunOS-x86-tar-ML.tar.bz2 (230 MB)
md5: 6887b95cf80fa63c4ad10b5dc67b5130

Linux OS
on x86

Download SunStudio12u1-Linux-x86-rpms-ML.tar.bz2 (225 MB)
md5: 0f8ba93405f0b7a71a37c19e867f4da2
Download SunStudio12u1-Linux-x86-tar-ML.tar.bz2 (218 MB)
md5: ec8ba73b51f16a02317d8a3d255700f2
Unpacking instructions:

bzcat SunStudio12u1-[OS]-[PLATFORM]-[FORMAT]-ML.tar.bz2 | /bin/tar -xf -

For the install guide and release notes see Sun Studio 12 Update 1 Documentation page.

For additional legal details, such as licenses for included third party technology and information on distributable libraries, see the Sun Studio 12 Update 1 legal page.